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Saturday, 19 March 2011

This could possibly seem a little desperate but yesterday I listed some stuff on eBay - if anyone fancies donating a few pounds to a pauper, click here to check it all out.

Buy my wares, children?

Things I realised when embarking on my eBay adventure;

- I am a ridiculous hoarder; some of the stuff I've listed has been in my wardrobe literally for years and the majority of it has hardly been worn. I didn't even have any intention of wearing most of it again, I just hate parting with stuff, plus, a weird part of me always thinks "oh it could come in useful for fancy dress" - you know how I love fancy dress. Even so, when your wardrobe is busting full of clothes you had when you were 17, you know it's time to start getting rid.

- It is incredibly difficult to take good photos of clothing, or at least, I, with my extremely limited photo skills, think it is. Seriously, how do online stores manage it? I spent the best part of an afternoon photographing my stuff and it still mostly looks rubbish!

- Listing stuff is boring. So very, very boring. Anyone who manages to make a living just from selling stuff online must have the patience of a saint. I only listed ten items and by the time I'd finished I wanted to kill myself. (not literally, of course, but it was seriously bloody boring).

Do you ever sell things on eBay? How did you get on? Good/bad experiences? Let's share!

On a separate note, I went into Superdrug today to check out the new Sleek Avoir La Pêche collection - I really want the Paraguaya palette. Sadly, it had either already all sold out or they hadn't got it in yet as the shelves were completely empty. Not impressed. However I did mosey on over to the GOSH section and bought the absolutely gorgeous Special Edition Lavender Love nail polish. Oh my days, this is such a stunning colour! I know a lot of people were trying to find a similar cornflower blue polish to the one in the Rihanna "What's My Name?" video and I really think this could be it!

Rihanna's nails - not keen on the length, LOVE the colour! Also, does anyone else think "What's My Name?" sounds like a song about someone with amnesia? "Oh na na, what's my name? No really though, what's my name?!"

GOSH Lavender Love, in Superdrug right now for £4.99. Eeeek it's so gorgeous! Imagine it with a matte topcoat too, perfection!

Right, I'm off to start getting ready for tonight - got Open Mic Night with my Glee club (yay!) then a bit of a night out on the tiles afterwards. Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, whatever you're up to!

oh boy oh boy oh boy

Monday, 14 March 2011

This is just a quickie really, just in case you haven't already seen. Something wonderful has happened;

Barry M Instant Nail Effects in Black Magic, Pink Fizz, Blue Print and White Frost, £3.99 each available NOW here

Models Own Smash Up in Yellow, Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange, Turquoise, Silver, White and Black. £6 each, available online from April and at Boots (Black and Silver only) from April 20th

Just THINK of the possibilities! I'm so excited, I just did a little dance of joy. I've definitely got my eye on Smash Up in Turquoise, but to be honest, I want them all.

What do you reckon? Models Own or Barry M? Or both? Which colours are you lusting after?

Dresses to kill

Friday, 11 March 2011

Jeepers creepers, where has the time gone? I can't believe it's been two weeks since I last blogged, this is massively unacceptable, sorry! Regular posting will commence from this point onwards, pinkie promise.

If you've not already bought yourself a copy of th April issue of Glamour, I suggest you get to it quickly, because not only can you get one of TEN awesome Clinique freebies (I've got two - the Dramatically Different Moisturiser and the 7 Day Scrub Cream - both of which are awesome), it's also their tenth anniversary edition so the magazine is packed full of competitions, offers and marvellous features galore.

One of my favourite features in the April issue is this shoot featuring Jameela Jamil (from T4) modelling a selection of dresses, which Glamour have helped to create as part of a collaboration with ten high street stores. Jameela looks beautiful as always (I WANT her hair) and I'm loving how each dress has been styled so differently. What's also cool is that each of the stores involved in the collaboration are offering special discounts and competitions for Glamour readers (see the magazine for full details). I've picked out a few of my favourite dresses below.

Lace Prom Dress £59.99 (reduced to £44.99 online), New Look

Shelby's Summer Belted Dress, £125 French Connection

How gorgeous is this?! I particularly love how it's been styled too - they've taken such a simple, elegant dress and really toughened it up with the bowler hat and trainers. It's also available as a maxi dress, which is equally as pretty.

RSC Grace Dress, £49.90, Mango

Which is your favourite? And have you bought the new Glamour? What Clinique freebie did you get?!?!
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