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Monday, 14 March 2011

This is just a quickie really, just in case you haven't already seen. Something wonderful has happened;

Barry M Instant Nail Effects in Black Magic, Pink Fizz, Blue Print and White Frost, £3.99 each available NOW here

Models Own Smash Up in Yellow, Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange, Turquoise, Silver, White and Black. £6 each, available online from April and at Boots (Black and Silver only) from April 20th

Just THINK of the possibilities! I'm so excited, I just did a little dance of joy. I've definitely got my eye on Smash Up in Turquoise, but to be honest, I want them all.

What do you reckon? Models Own or Barry M? Or both? Which colours are you lusting after?


  1. Confession time : Have no even got the original crackle one *gasp*

    I know, I know, it's terrible of me, but I didn't pick it up when I was over :(
    But I want them now, barry m white frost, MO's Smash Up in yellow, turquoise and orange . These need to be in my life, so I will put these on my birthday list for june.

    Damn me being a penniless student! xx

  2. :O yay!! The Barry M ones had better be stocked in our local Superdrug! I think I'm more excited for them than the Models Own because of the price but the silver Models Own one is catching my eye! Thanks for posting this :) x

  3. I didn't buy the black one cause I wasn't sooo keen on the look, but now there's a white one I really want it. I think it would look great over bright colours for summer. Not that I'm in the UK so I can't buy it :( but anyway!

  4. Oh I didn't know Barry M had done more crackle polish colours, OOoooo xxx

  5. yes!!! Thanks for informing, I was hoping they would do it in white :)

    Hayley x

  6. ooh i knew models own were bringing out all the different colours but i didn't know that barry m already had :O
    i think the white would look fab over ice cream colour pastels! x

  7. Ah oh my god! Thats amazing! I've bought the black one, and use it all the time! Cannot wait to get more colours ah! :D

  8. omg, i love those nailpolishes! so bright and colorful!!! big like:)


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