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Friday, 1 April 2011

So, in terms of blogging, I think we can safely say that March, for me, was a bit of a write-off. I just got into one of those slumps and I really didn't feel inspired at all. There was a couple of times when I sat down to write a blog post, but just wasn't really feeling it, so I knew that whatever I wrote would be a bit pointless and rubbish. I don't want to blog just for the sake of it so I didn't blog. Anyway, moan over, April is here so it's time for me to (in the words of Sister Mary Clarence, aka Deloris Van Cartier aka Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act 2) wake up and pay attention. I promise I'll be better this month, I've already got plans, big plans, the biggest bloody plans this side of Kentucky, oh yeah!
I thought I'd do a bit of a summary type thing today; quite a lot of other bloggers do them, and I always enjoy reading them, so hey, let's give it a go.

I'm currently loving;

Polka dot nails (as seen above) The genius that is Gem Fatale did a marvellous Tuesday Tips post all about how to create perfect polka dot nails. Following her advice, I used the end of a hair grip to create mine. Still not absolutely perfect, but they're getting there. Sometimes I find it hard to decide what colours I want to put together - I have a stupid number of nail polishes but obviously, can't use them all, so this was a good opportunity to get lots of my favourites involved in one design. I was also inspired by this image;

Sleek makeup. I managed to get my hands on the Avoir La Pêche palette and I'm loving it. I showed it to my sister, Izzi, and she wasn't a fan (pink eyeshadows can be a bit hit and miss) but I think it's beautiful and a lot of the colours can also be used as blushers, which is fine by me! Also, Sleek have gotten themselves into my good books this week, by FINALLY sending out the voucher codes they promised months ago after a lot of us had difficulties in the 50% off sale. I'll be treating myself to some super cheap goodies (as long as everything isn't sold out - eek!)

This video - I don't feel I need to really say anything about it, just watch. This guy is AMAZING.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I bought this book on a whim; it's really not the sort of genre I'd choose to read, but I'd heard a lot about the films and thought I'd give it a whirl. It's a bit of a slow-starter, but boy, once you get into it, it's hard to put down. I spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon reading it and have only got a couple more chapters to go until the end. I'd quite like to watch the film but am a bit worried about how violent/disturbing it is. We've already established that I'm a massive wimp and this book deals with some really dark and upsetting stuff, which I imagine would be pretty unpleasant to watch on screen. Even so, it's definitely worth a read if you haven't done so already.

Primark jewellery. I bought this ring a week or so ago and I absolutely love it! The majority of my rings are from Primark nowadays. At £2.50/£3.00 a pop, you can't really complain, especially when the equivalent in Topshop would be at least £8, probably more. Bloody love Primark.

I'm currently hating;

Paper cuts. Yes, this is pathetic, but the other day I reached into my bag for my house keys and caught my finger on an insanely sharp bit of paper. I couldn't believe how much it hurt and my initial (clearly quite illogical) reaction was "oh my god, there's a knife in my bag". I just wanted to include this story to emphasise firstly how ridiculous I am when it comes to even the smallest injury and secondly that my brain works in the strangest ways.

My spending habits. I've decided that I am very naughty when it comes to spending and therefore, for the next month, I'm not allowed to buy any makeup at all. (once I've bought my Sleek stuff, obviously...) I realised this when I went into Superdrug last week, saw that Collection 2000 was offering a free Hot Looks nail varnish if you purchased £4 worth of products and decided that I HAD to find something to buy because I NEEDED another nail polish. Now I know that £4 isn't a lot of money at all, but I do this sort of thing way too often. Not only that, but I definitely did not need another nail polish. I have about 40 already. It took me ages to decide what to buy (because I really didn't need anything) and in the end I went for two Lock and Hold lipglosses, which are lovely, but completely unnecessary. Bad Franki. No more spending for you.

When stuff breaks for no reason. You may have noticed that I didn't do a POTM video for February. This is because my Flip Mino video camera broke for seemingly no reason whatsoever. It just won't turn on. I'm not happy, it was a birthday gift, so it's not even a year old yet. I don't know if I can get it fixed, but I certainly can't afford a new one, so for now, my vlogging will have to be put on hold, which is a shame, because I really enjoy doing those videos. Gosh this has turned out to be a lot longer than planned!

I thought I'd end with some blogs that I'm really enjoying at the moment - I'll try and make this more of a regular thing because there's so many amazing bloggers out there and it's nice to share the love. So, without further ado, five to follow;


It's All Peachykeen


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  1. I'm loving polka dot nails at the minute too :-)I love that ring too. I found your blog through your nail posts you do fab nails. I have just started a blog

  2. Wow, those nails are crazy but i love them!

    ♥ Kisses ♥

  3. So much win in this post :D I need to try polka dot nails too, I feel it's a natural progression from clothes to nails... the Disney guy is amazing, I laughed so hard at that video :D and I am going to read the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as soon as I finish my essays! I love the bow t-shirt from my post, it's just perfect, hehe, so glad to know my taste is shared :) also glad to see you blogging again! xxx

  4. Aw gal, I'm sorry you weren't feeling very inspired last month :( We all get that way now and again. But glad youre feeling better now, this has been a great wee update post :) xx

  5. I have listened to the Nick Pietera video and I love it as well! He is so talented, and the video is fun to watch too!

  6. your nails look brilliant!
    nick pitera's female voice scares me a little, but he's such a good singer! xx

  7. I love The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo- the films are good but not up to the book standards. Totally agree with you about Primark jewellery- you can find such nice things for such a bargain.xx

  8. Omg thanks for the mention! Love that there are a few people out there that like reading my blog. Is that your first sleek pallett? I got storm the other week and love it - only tiny problem is that I keep making a mess of it with my clumsy hands lol


  9. those polka dot nails!!! I freakin' love it and want it

    Nick Pietera is awesome. He's really fascinating :))

    lovely post

  10. Absolutely obsessed with polka dot nails, I need a steadier hand! Just so cute!

    Thanks for your comment on my post about my redundancy btw, kind words mean a lot :-)

    Dayner x

  11. Oooh I just bought girl with the dragon tattoo book! It was on the online stream for love film a while ago and we watched it. It was brilliant but very disturbing scenes too... thought I might handle the books better so I bought it. And it's a well known fact that books are always better than the film versions.

    Love.. PS got the Barry M instant effects the other day. I know I'm a bit slow on the uptake as you blogged about this ages ago but I'm loving it! Also got the special edition lavender love shade of gosh nail laquer and really love the colour!


  12. I've been meaning to try out the polka dot nail tip, Gem is like a complete nail art goddess!
    And aww big big love and thanks for the shout out, it totally just made me smile! xx


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