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Saturday, 17 July 2010

I'd been so caught up in all the fabulous Resort shows that had been happening recently, that I hadn't even noticed that the Fall Couture shows had started. Silly Franki. Fortunately, my beautious friend Lauren brought this fact to my attention - thanks Lauren. (Lauren also has a blog, which can be read here, but she hasn't posted anything in a LONG time. Everyone, I think you should join me in saying "Lauren, please blog again. You are funny and the world needs funny. Do it for the good of the world!")

Of course, as soon as I heard about the Dior show, I knew I had to post about it because, as previous posts on here may suggest, I FRIKKIN LOVE DIOR!

I think part of the reason why I love Dior so much, is that the shows never fail to surprise me. When everyone else is doing dark, muted colours and subtle tailoring, John Galliano wraps the models heads up in cellophane, goes completely mental with a pair of pinking shears and then, just to make things REALLY CRAZY, comes out at the end of the show in what I can only imagine is a couture version of an Edwardian beekeeping suit. It's just so exciting!

Inspired, quite obviously, by flowers, this show was literally an explosion of colours and textures. Rather than focusing solely on floral prints, which we've been seeing everywhere since...well...since forever, Galliano actually created pieces that looked like they were made from flowers - the colours, the shapes, the textures, every garment had some kind of clear reference to a particular type of flower. I especially love the strapless white dress (third photo down) that has a splash of deep blue, which kind of fades out at the edges; it really reminds me of how lilies have the same kind of thing - really deep pink in the centre of the flower that fades out onto the petals. They also pointed out on how the cellophane headpieces and raffia belts seem to be inspired by the wrappings you get on bouquets. It was like the Chelsea Flower Show does Couture! I always say this when I post on Dior, but just go to and have a look at the full collection; I've posted a selection but you really need to seem them all!

As usual, they've also done crazy amazing hair and makeup - does anyone else find the hairstyles remind them a bit of something from Dr Seuss?!

A dress of petals!


All images from

Oh beauty!

Also, can I just say thank you to everyone who commented on my last post - I'm glad I got such a positive response, was a bit worried I'd get a load of Twilight fans cursing me and burning curly haired effegies of me as a sacrifice to Edward Cullen... and quite frankly, I just don't need that...


  1. Wow, amazing! I've been totally lazy when it comes to fashion lately so I didn't know about the Couture shows either!
    Loved your leopard nails pic further down the blog! Excellent work. Thanks for your kind words too, glad I inspired you to have a little eBay spree. It's amazing the difference nice nails can make to your day. I got so many compliments from customers at work today, it really perked me up :)

  2. Very nice collection. Such a wonderful dresses. I like the yellow one most.

  3. I loved this collection. The floral inspiration was amazing, it really didn't dissapoint. The colours were spectacular and the textures were lush.

  4. I went very quiet when I saw this for a first time. & spent about 10 minutes on every slide on Which is rare nowadays.

    But you're right Galliano always goes against what everyone else is doing, but it never feels vindictive, it always feels relevant & you always question everyone else in comparison too it. I think it's just a shame they keep stealing all our British talent!

  5. Ooh these are great, in an "I'm really sure that I shouldn't like them" kinda way -- though that could just be me and too-much-floral.

    The second one down is how I want April O'Neil to look if they make a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

    Oh and careful with those Twilight fans; they could just be amassing for a rush attack...


  6. galliano is amaze!! just found your blog! totally agree with you on the twilight debate - do not understand the hype. went to see eclipse last week just to take the piss out of it but i fell asleep... says it all really.

  7. Oooh nice mention there. I liked!
    Those dresses are just beautiful. Like giant flowers.
    Also, it was flying ant day yesterday, which I know you love. You should try and include that in a fashion blog. Not easy but GOOD!

  8. By the way "Anonymous" is my new Nome de guerre.
    (It's Lauren by the way)

  9. Wow, this collection is amazing! I love the last dress especially.

  10. I'm glad to enlighten someone then :P

    If you ever get a chance to flip through the big hardcover Tom Munro book with the Madonna cover, then take it! It has some incredible shots *nods*


  11. I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  12. Wow these pics are amazing!Loving your blog:)

    I am now a follower:)



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