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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

If you’re already sick to death of me yammering on about Sleek Makeup, you’re probably not going to like this post. It’s ok, you can go, just please make sure you close the door properly as you leave; we’ve had trouble with cats walking in off the street lately and I just can’t be doing with it...

Right, now that all the riff raff have left us in peace, I’ll get on with it.,

This is a quick review about the Limited Edition Paraguaya iDivine palette, which is part of the Avoir La Pêche collection. Now I know that this is a bit late as the palette came out, I think, in March, but there’s a reason why I’m writing about it now, read on for all to be revealed...

Paraguaya is a typical iDivine palette; a mixture of shimmer and matte shadows, a couple of dark shades for definition, a couple of light ones for highlighting and a nice selection of unusual colours in between, all housed in the classic sleek packaging we’ve come to know and love. The colours are mostly varying shades of peach, pink and coral, with a couple of browns and golds thrown in too. As with all the palettes, the colour pay-off is fantastic and they all blend really well.

I’m very much in a peach/coral state of mind at the moment , so I knew as soon as it came out that I had to buy it. As a general rule though, pink and red-toned eyeshadow is quite hard to wear (because it can make you look like you’ve just been punched in the eye), so I can understand why some people may be unsure about this palette. However, really bright, zingy eyemakeup was all over the Spring/Summer ‘11 catwalks, so if you’re feeling a bit daring, some of the brighter orange shadows that Paraguaya has to offer are absolutely perfect. Plus, there’s enough pale, muted colours in there to keep the less outrageous amongst happy too. And, at £6.49 for twelve shadows, even if you only like some of the colours, it’s still great value!

Top row, L-R - Parfait, Blush, Cameo. Bottom Row, L-R - Bellini, Redstone, Persimmon

Top Row, L-R - Persian Orange, Peach Gold, Sandstone. Bottom Row, L-R - Tangelo, Bittersweet, Stone.

Anyway, another reason why the Paraguaya palette is so flippin’ marvellous is that a lot of the colours double up as blushes! I’ve found myself wearing ‘Blush’ (good name), a very pale pinky coral, obsessively over my Topshop Cream Blush every day since I bought it.

All in all, (surprise surprise) I’m a big fan, and of the four Sleek palettes I currently own, this is the one I reach for the most. Lovely colours, fantastic quality and amazing value, what’s not to like?

...Well, actually there is one problem with Paraguaya and that is that it’s Limited Edition and as far as I can tell, is no longer available in Superdrug or on the Sleek website. Not good. You can still get hold of it on eBay, if you’re willing to pay more than RRP, but who wants to do that? Nobody, that’s who.

Don’t worry though, because I know a way you can get one for free! By entering my giveaway, hurrah! Yes indeed, to celebrate me FINALLY reaching 100 readers, I’m giving away one brand spanking new Paraguaya palette (and maybe a couple of other goodies, too)! How exciting!

All you have to do to enter is;

Be a follower on Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin’ (please let me know which one so that I can check!)

Leave a comment below. ‘Enter me’ is fine, but feel free to say other stuff too – quote Shakespeare, write a haiku, whatever :)

Make sure you have a way for me to contact you – email address or Twitter name would be good.

For one extra entry, tweet about the giveaway and leave a SEPARATE comment telling me you’ve done so.

Right that’s everything! I’m so EXCITED! I will draw the winner next month using and then let everyone know who the lucky person is.



  1. Is this a dagger that I see before me? The handle toward my/thy/thine/unsure hand?
    .... more iambic pentameter


    unfortunatly, despire a degree in English Literature, I don't remember any other of the bouncy haired waricksharian's verse. I also could never udnerstand why a dagger was happy. I also just made up a word, can you spot it?

    Enough of the Shakespeare, I don't usually do requests! But the 13 year old in me always giggles at the simplistic "Enter me" - I prefer "Get In Lynn". (if anyone else's peepers are speed reading this and just saw get in Lynn I should explain myself, I'm an avid Partridge fan)

    The selfih side of me is thinking should I post this comment now? As will ever choose the number one? Hmm we shall see

    Apologies for this utter drivel I've just puked up onto your blog


  2. What a great giveaway Franki :-) thank you, and Eloise you made me lol

    Please may I enter you wonderful giveaway :-) xx

  3. I would write you a haiku, but I don't know how, they've never made sense to me, I get confused. And I can't think of a good Shakespeare quote, the only one is this: "The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool"
    At least I think that's Shakespeare. I may be entirely wrong. In which case, ignore of all of this.
    Anyway, please enter me in your giveaway, I follow on Google Friend Connect :)

  4. Ooo, I'm so into my corals atm too! Really don't need any more make up but this is so pretty :)
    Enter me please!
    Thank you xx

  5. If make up be the food of love, let me win?
    Great giveaway! xxx

  6. That palettes colours are awesome!

  7. Ooh I'd like to be entered :D

    Erm... quick quick think of a poem:

    The toil of all that be, helps not the primal fault.
    It rains into the sea and still the sea is salt.

    (My go to poetry by Housman :P)

  8. great giveaway! please eter me :) i follow on bloglovin

  9. I don't know any Shakespeare off the top of my head but Edward Lear ftw!
    Far and few, far and few, are the lands where the Jumblies live. Their heads are green and their hands are blue, and they went to sea in a sieve.
    Anyway, I'd love to be entered into this giveaway! :D
    Following on Google Connect :)
    mustbeadreamer [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk

  10. These colours are awesome!
    I follow you :) I don't know any Shakespeare soooo
    enter me please! :P xx

  11. Do count me in pretty please with a cherry on top!
    I'm a Juliet and Romeo is currently my plant taxonomy book...Taxonomy taxonomy, why art thou taxonomy?Be molecular biology and I'll love you for ever. :p
    I follow you via GFC as Ria, and I have my finals at the moment, so the "Shakespeare" above is because of that.My email is freeeedz at yahoo dot com .
    Have an awesome day!

  12. I cant believe they've already stopped selling this! *sob* anyways enter me :) You didn't specify whether it's international but if it isn't and I were to win, I would give you my sister's address ;) and I'm following through GFC x

  13. How on earth did I not enter before?! Enter me please lovey :) Now for the boring part, following via GFC and my email address is


  14. I tweeted too! @mimistheword

  15. Please enter me :) :) xx


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