Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I know that I can be a bit rubbish with money because there's always some new cosmetic that I 'need' or I just suddenly decide that I 'have to' take a little weekend trip to London or HMV is having a sale that I 'should' really make the most of (in case of some kind of future DVD drought). And maybe, if I was better at saving up, I'd be able to treat myself to slightly more expensive clothing (usually, I tend to stick to sales and cheap stores like H&M and New Look). But to be honest, even if I do have the money to spend, I'm really reluctant to part with much more than £40 for any item from a high street store (unless it's something super fancy, or something very important, like a coat) because I do think they can be stupidly overpriced and generally, for the quality you get, it's just not worth it. Possibly my most commonly used phrase while shopping is,

"£45 for a skirt?! I could make this!"

which is, of course, ridiculous, because I literally can't make anything.

Anyway, this weekend, I was in London, visiting friends, flitting about Islington and generally being fabulous and Londony, when Tash and I decided to have a little look in JOY.

In case you don't know, there are many pretty things in JOY; lots of quirky dresses and cool jewellery and interesting home accessories and silly games like they have in Urban Outfitters. I'm a big fan of JOY, but I rarely get the chance to shop there because they opened a store in Liverpool for like a month and then for some reason it closed down mysteriously. It's all very upsetting, actually.
So we're looking in JOY and I'm specifically looking for an evening dress for a party I'm going to this weekend. Sadly, I didn't really find any fabulous evening dresses, but I did find this;

Louche Sophie Heart Button Dress - JOY

I don't think the picture fully does it justice, but you have to understand this dress is truly ADORABLE and the fit was perfect and it's so pink and I don't even wear that much pink but I'm trying to integrate it more into my wardrobe and LOOK AT ALL THE HEARTS! This dress is the very definition of JOY! Except, not really, because then I looked at the price tag and it was £49. I know £49 doesn't sound like much when you love something, and I do love this dress, but it's the principle of the thing. This dress is 100% viscose.

"£49 for a dress made of viscose?! I could make this!"


So I didn't buy it. And now I am sad. The dress that filled me with such joy has now left me feeling sad and empty.

I think the moral of this story is very clear;

I should start saving my money a dressmaking course.

What do you think, people? Is the dress too expensive? Am I being silly? Would you pay £49 for a dress made of viscose? What even is viscose? I NEED ANSWERS!


  1. I am EXACTLY the same. I am constantly looking at clothes that my friends seem to think are reasonably priced and being like, "There is NO WAY I am paying £35 for a plain T shirt I could buy in H&M for a fraction of the price".

    The most I have ever spent on anything to wear (other than my prom dress) are a pair of River Island boots for £65 and to justify the expenditure, I have worn then nearly every day since buying them and I still feel slightly robbed, despite being in love with them.

    Anyway to end this ridiculous essay-comment, I think you have to be 100% positive you will wear something enough to justify the price tag :)

  2. I'm the same! I seem to have much higher standards when it comes to the price of clothing then my friends do. I always set a limit for myself before I enter a store on how much I'm willing to pay for a top or a bottom, and I usually stick to it. I don't think I've ever payed more than 35$ for an article of clothing that wasn't a dress or a jacket, just because anything more than that seems ridiculous.

  3. Oh my god, I feel EXACTLY the same when I go into JOY. They have the most beautiful, sweet dresses that I love but by god, they really blow up the prices.


  4. JOY is my favourite store ever (esp the one in Brixton) but it is expensive... I own one skirt and one top from there which I wear ALL THE TIME, so totally worth the money. I reckon if you love it enough, go for it!

  5. Lauren

    Bloody Tash dragged me in there too (I thought I was special) and promptly tried to force me into buying everything in there. She needs to tone done on the vicarious shopping as now I am filled with despair that I don't own these things.

  6. I'm really bad when it comes to prices... but I do know I need to take a dressmaking course as well! I think the dress could be worth it if you wore it a lot...?

  7. A girl after my own heart.

    Shopping makes me depressed & my boyfriend said that he never knew anyone to get so angry everytime they went into Topshop because EVERY SINGLE HALF DECENT DRESS is like £45. Which when I break it down is a day at work (7 hours) for me. So it is a lot. & it's always made out of horrible plastic things. I don't understand why it's so easy for them to charge that much for nothing? When there are obviously people (you, me, these comments at LEAST) who think this is absolutely ridiculous.

    Now, if I need it I go on ebay & get shitty throwaway things for like £2 rather than having to go through all the anger & frustration of actually shopping.

    I am now in love with your blog.

  8. It's summer - spoil yourself!

  9. Nikki says:

    Franki its ok.... JOY has sales!

    I stumbled upon one in Edinburgh the other week and tried on 4 things which I LOVED but couldnt justify buying them all. But I got a really cute white dress with high neckline and collar, lovely buttons and cute diamante bow belt (£17) and a floral headband and at ring which perfectly matches my bronze rose stud earrings :) and all on sale!

    Also got awesome Irregular Choice shoes in office sale for £35 black suede heels with pink and orange floral fabric foldover thing going on.

  10. Got this little beauty in the JOY sale after waiting months. . . don't hate me but it cost £13.20.

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