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Monday, 18 April 2011

As the weather has gotten to the stage of being pretty bloody gorgeous (dear Mr Sun, please don't leave us, ever. Please.) I've been trying to stick with my plan of embracing colour when it comes to putting an outfit together. However, as I've previously mentioned, my wardrobe is full of darker colours and as I've not had the chance to go on any crazy spending sprees lately, I'm currently having to make do with the very limited stuff I already own, plus a couple of new Primark bits and pieces, to get my fix of Summer colour. Fortunately though, due to the abundance of nail polishes I own (seriously guys, I have a problem), I can at least display my new-found colourful leanings on my talons;

Colours used - GOSH Special Edition Lavendar Love, Models Own Coral Reef, Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Spangles, 17 Fast Finish in Catwalk Couture and Pink Grapefruit

Not my most imaginative mani to date (or neatest - I smudged about four nails after applying my top coat - grrrr!) , but I'm obsessed with these vivid brights; every time I catch sight of them, I think of Summer fruits, ice lollys and tropical beaches... sigh...

Anyway, I've been really enjoying all these zingy, summery colours at the moment; I know 'colour blocking' and brights are big trend this season anyway, but I'm thinking specifically about 'fruity' colours if that makes sense? They're the sort of colours that make me crave fruit and I don't even particularly like fruit. I thought I'd put together a wish list of some of the brightest, zingiest stuff currently available on the High Street so that we could all feel fruity-licious...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Ok, ok, I know there aren't actually any turquoise coloured fruits, but still, that really bright turquoise has somehow fallen into my category of fruity colours... so live with it. Also how beautiferous is that Coral Bow Dress from LOVE?! And how have I not realised how fabulous their stuff is?! Definitely going to have to do a wish list for LOVE at some point, because that website is just too good.

Are you embracing bright colours now that the weather's gotten all totally tropical? (mmm Lilt) Tell me things, go on! I love to hear from you!


  1. Love those colours! I was going through my nail varnish collection the other day and realised I have lots that are pretty much the same! I need more variety dammit :) Clothes-wise I've suddenly decided I need more coral and pink items in my wardrobe, RIGHT NOW...I think a birthday-money-spending-spree may be in order! Happy Easter :) xx

  2. Hey we're rocking similar nails! I painted my nails pastels for Easter (post coming soon hehe). Love all the clothes you picked out, I guess "blueberry" could be the blue color ;)

  3. wow love those nail colours! I desperately need to find a green like that, damn me not picking it up when I was in the uk! I think I have way too many pinks in my collection haha!
    I agree about turquoise, it DOES seem fruity....hmm odd that xx

  4. love the blue!

    Danniella x



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