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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Eeek I can't flippin' believe we're nearly at the end of October! I don't know whether it's because I seem to do nothing but work at the moment (my life is pretty much a tragedy right now), but it just feels like the last few months have flown over! Actually, the whole year has gone by crazily quickly! Last year, I worked as stage crew for a pantomime in Scotland from November to the beginning of January and it honestly feels like it was only yesterday - I can remember virtually every detail about that time as it was such a fun/crazy/physically and emotionally exhausting experience and yet it's very nearly a year since I was up there! It's like someone just pushed the fast forward button on 2010! Madness.

Me backstage at the panto last year with the giant - look at the size of him!

Ah well, as we near the end of October we're also nearing Halloween, Bonfire Night and, of course, Crimbo! I moan about Winter all the time, because I hate cold weather with a passion, but it really does have all the best Holidays. (I don't think Halloween and Bonfire night are really considered "Holidays" but you know what I mean!) What are you dressing as for Halloween? One of my friends told me yesterday on Twitter that he was thinking of going as Gamu from X Factor! I've got a few ideas but it depends on whether I go for a scary or a non-scary costume. I don't even definitely know what I'm doing for Halloween yet, but it has to involve fancy dress in some way, that's my only criteria. Even if I just stay at home handing out sweets to the little scallywags children who come trick or treating, as long as I'm in fancy dress, I'll be happy. Of course, when I say 'fancy dress', I mean PROPER fancy dress, not slutty fancy dress, which infuriates me beyond belief. If you want some good ideas for costumes, Beth who writes the blog Anchor Rose (which I've just recently come across and I'm loving) did a brilliant post about some of the things she's dressed up as in the past - Billy Doll from the Saw movies is probably my favourite - SO CREEPY!

This is a bit of a random post tonight - just feel like having a ramble really! Also, have you noticed? This is my fourth post in four days! I'm getting better at being a good blogger! I'm really trying to post more frequently at the moment because my followers are slowly starting to creep up on me (not literally - I know there's only 55 of them but that would still be bloody scary if they were ALL creeping up on me!) and I'm starting to get regular readers and well, I want to give them something to read and make sure they keep coming back! I've had loads of positive comments lately and I just want you all to know (and I never get sentimental, so this is a big moment guys) that I read every single one and it honestly means so much to me when people take the time to comment and say something nice! I don't think you should blog just to get followers or comments, they're more like the cherry on the cake, but I do think the 'blogosphere' (goodness me that sounds a bit wanky) is full of amazingly sweet, friendly and witty people and I love getting to interact with them all! Anyway, that's tonight's Hallmark moment over and done with, now onto more pressing matters!

Sticking with the subject of blogging, I thought I'd share the love (I'm literally turning into Barney the Dinosaur - make it stop!) even more and mention a couple of other bloggers who are brilliant and wonderful!

fashion and beauty at the little curly girl

Firstly, Victoria, who writes the blog VIPXO, is a self-confessed Scrabble fanatic and has decided to channel her love of the board game into making the cutest Scrabble jewellery - I ordered my bracelet the week before last and it arrived last Tuesday and I love it! Look at the picture! It's got my name on it! I don't own anything else that says "Franki" on it, so it's all very exciting! (My name adds up to 13 - not bad! Or is that actually unlucky? :S) Prices vary depending on how many letters you want, but mine was less then £10 and delivery was free! I think Victoria is also planning on making rings - you can contact her at for more information. Also, check out her blog because it is lovely and so is she!

Secondly, Ayden, who writes Little Blog Of Horrors (as a serious musical geek, I love that that's what her blog is called), is having a giveaway to celebrate getting to 400 followers - well done Ayden you superstar! Ayden's blog has fast become one of my favourite reads out of all the blogs I follow; she has a really open style of writing that I really admire and she comes across as such a sweet, genuine girl. Check her out, pronto!

Right, that's enough gushiness for one post - I promise I'll be back to my moody, sarcastic self tomorrow ;) I'm off to watch the rest of Hollyoaks Later now, it's so crap but so good!


  1. yay for victoria and ayden love!
    Im so jealous about anything to do with pantomime i love all things musical and acting and show time BUT i suck at all these things haha! xx

  2. yay for victoria too! and yay for mentioning my giveaway! thank you lovely miss :) awesome to hear that you worked on a panto last year, silly question but are you from scotland?! or liverpool? what panto was it? i am in full on panto mode right now and it doesnt feel quite natural yet cause its only october, but im trying to flow with it :p

    fab random post - theyre always the best. need to share what you end up doing for your halloween outfit! i do agree that this year has went in crazy fast. my oh my xx

  3. awhh yay!! looks brilliant and thank you for the little paragraph too :)

    Gotta love Ayden <3

  4. That bracelet is awesome. She's getting an order from me. Not saying Franki, though, that would be weird...or James either, come to that!

  5. Heheh, i love that panto photo, that must've been so much fun :D
    I knowww though, this year has gone so fast, i'm happy it's autumn/winter now, i'm going to get in to all the holidays, haha!
    I hope we get to see your halloween costume!! xxxxxxxx

  6. Your scrabble necklace is adorable!

    and congrats on 50+ followers!

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. Good on you for posting heaps! And love your new bracelet, it's sooo cute x

  8. Oh my god! You got one of the bracelets? I want one so bad :-) Oh, and the panto photo made me laugh for about 5 minutes. Serious. :D Thanks for your lovely comment, I'm back posting! Been so busy >_< Panda xo

  9. Love the bracelet and your blog. It's but first visit but I'm loving it.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  10. Great picture :)))

    How awesome is that bracelet such a cool idea xoxo

  11. yay thanks for adding the badge :) xx

  12. My sister bought me a J on a necklace for Christmas :) a 'J' s worth 1.


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