24 year old musical theatre geek currently living the dream in Liverpool. Likes: makeup, oversized bows, earrings, chocolate, Gilmore Girls, Cappie from Greek, nail varnish, kittens, The Breakfast Club. Dislikes: chavs, fakery, the Lambanana, birds, especially pigeons and seagulls *shudder*, Miley Cyrus.

I want to be Zooey Deschanel.

Some minor details
I did one of those tags where you have to say seven things about yourself. This is me recycling it. (recycling is important)
1. I was born in Liverpool and have spent all my life here (apart from 8 months in London when I was a baby and three years at uni living in Coventry/Leamington Spa). It's going to make me sound like I've got a chip on my shoulder, but I get really angry when people make Scouse jokes, firstly because I've heard them all before and secondly because it's actually really offensive! Since when was it ok to insult someone because of where they come from?! I couldn't believe it when I started uni and about 50% of the people I was introduced to felt the need to make jokes like "oh you're from Liverpool? I'd better keep an eye on my wallet..." After the first couple of times, it gets seriously old, believe me...
Sorry! Rant over!

2. I did Philosophy and Literature at uni and now I work as a Marketing/Events Assistant in an arts and community centre. Clearly nothing to do with my degree. I'm really envious of those people who've grown up just knowing what they want to do in life. It makes it much easier when choosing A Levels/degree subjects/work experience if you actually have a certain job that you're aiming for at the end of it all. I'm still not entirely sure what I want to be when I 'grow up' (23 is DEFINITELY not 'grown up', honestly.)

3. You may have noticed from my "about me" section, that it says I'm a musical theatre geek. This is not a joke. I am obsessed with musical theatre in a massive and frightening way. I was a member of MTW (Music Theatre Warwick) when I was at uni and performed in lots of shows and concerts. I LOVE IT. I don't get to do as much performing as I'd like in Liverpool, as there really aren't many opportunities to get involved with am-dram groups, however, I recently joined a glee club (yes, that's right, an actual GLEE CLUB!) so I'm finally getting my musical theatre fix again. It's so much fun!

4. Probably my biggest pet peeve is people who make noises when they eat. Bad table manners in general piss me off too, but listening to people chewing loudly is just horrendous. I don't understand why anyone would do it. JUST CLOSE YOUR MOUTH!!!!! I can't even verbalize how much I hate it. I just... can't...

5. I'm definitely more of a cat person than a dog person. I like dogs, but they're too boisterous. Cats are lazy, like me. When I eventually get my own place, I'd like to get two kittens.

6. I've actually had this blog since 2006; it used to be called "Alice Bands, Mary Janes and the bits in between" (because I really liked Alice bands and Mary Janes) but I thought that was a bit of a mouthful, so I changed it. I very, very rarely posted, I mean, I must have done about four posts in two years. I actually deleted the oldest posts recently because they were so rubbish and made me cringe! It's only over the past two years that I've really gotten into blogging frequently and interacting in the 'blogging community'.

7. I have always been a bit of a TV addict. Once I start watching a TV series, that's generally it - I'm hooked. Even if the show starts going downhill, or gets really confusing, I have to know what happens at the end! I'm one of the few people I know who actually watched every season of Lost and my main reasoning was that I'd already committed so much time to it, I just couldn't give up halfway through - I HAD to know the answers! I love all the American stuff like Glee (obviously), Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl etc, but I'm also a sucker for quirky UK shows like Misfits and Being Human (news series of Skins on Thursday, anyone?). I also have a bit of a guilty Hollyoaks habit...
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