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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

I know, I've not posted for AGES. It's a mixture of getting sucked up by Christmas, having lots of weekends away, working and generally just being a bit crap.

Anyway, my own rubbishness aside, I was in Topshop recently and noticed something...


"Nice top", you say, "unusual, cute, simple, I like!" Yes, it's lovely, so lovely in fact that I already have something VERY similar that I made myself having been inspired by THIS;

Lanvin have been doing these doodly cartoon face t-shirts for a while now. I first saw this particular style last February and made one myself out of a Primark man's t-shirt I had lying around (surplus item from a show I'd costume designed for, not because I have some kind of weird men's t-shirt collection).

I've just Googled this item and found that myself and Topshop are not the only ones who saw its copying potential - you could buy THIS 'Lanvin Style' tee-shirt from instarshop.com which looks like a dodgy version of ASOS and appears to no longer exist anyway;

Aside from the ribbon being in a different position and there being frills around the neckline, surely this is exactly the same design! Now I know High Street and online stores take inspiration from designer but THAT is ridiculous!

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