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Monday, 20 June 2011

WHOA! It's been a while hasn't it? Really didn't mean to go this long without blogging; I got back from Lanzarote on 7th June and since then it feels like I've not stopped!

Anyway, thought I'd do a little update post (these seem to be happening monthly now and I'm really enjoying them!) and I filmed a video today with my shiny new video camera so, youtube Gods willing, that'll be up in the next couple of days too. Blogging-a-go-go!

I'm currently loving;

Cheeky holidays. As I've just mentioned, my boyfriend and I decided to book a little last minute break in Lanzarote. I realised it was the first time I'd been properly abroad for about six years - how did that happen?! We ate and drank lots, discovered some pretty beaches and even hired a car for the day to drive around the island and see some sights (driving on the wrong side of the road is scary. And I was only navigating!) It was lovely. Got another holiday lined up for July with Tash - I'm getting a bit of a taste for this jet-set lifestyle ;)

Magazine freebies. I'm sure most people are already aware of this, but just in case you've been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks - Glamour magazine are currently giving away one of three Benefit products with the July issue. You can get your mitts on a mini High Beam, Benetint or Posie Tint absolutely free! Since the mag only costs £2 and the freebies are worth £8-£10 each it's a pretty bargainous offer! I was a bit greedy and got all three, but I'm sure lots of other people have done that too - it seems silly not to! Also, Elle are currently giving away a free Reiss vest top designed by Garance Dore - couldn't help but get myself one of those too!

Dr Faustus. Not the play by Christopher Marlowe, but my sister's new kitten! Yes, that's his name - God only knows why, but Liv has always been a bit *different*. Did you ever see anything as flippin' cute as this?! We're going to be cat-sitting when Liv goes on holiday and I absolutely can't wait - I've got A LOT of snuggles planned.

This video. Anyone familiar with Auto-Tune The News will have seen this sort of thing already, but when my friend Liam posted this Jezza Kyle remix on my Facebook wall last week, I knew I had to share it. Absolutely brilliant.

I'm currently hating;

Insane weather I know that British folk spend their lives complaining about the weather, so this is an extremely mundane thing to mention, but my issue isn't so much that it's too cold or rainy, it's that every day seems to bring with it three different types of weather for the price of one. This sort of mix and match weather is a right bastard because you know that at some point during the day your outfit is going to be rendered completely impractical. I actually walked to the bus stop swearing at the weather last week because the clear blue sky and lovely sun had provided a cunning disguise for what was actually an insanely windy day and my flippy skirt/jersey blazer combo was just no match for it at all. Weather, make up your mind what you want to be and stick with it. Nobody is interested in your identity crisis you little bugger!

Rubbish sequels. I went to see The Hangover 2 last week and thought it was absolutely horrendously bad. It's the exact same story as the first film except with a few tiny details changed and a lot of less funny but more offensive jokes. Sadly, it seems that I'm the only person who thought this because everyone around me in the cinema laughed uncontrollably all the way through. Apparently all a film needs to be considered funny these days is a drug dealing monkey in a denim jacket...

So how've you all been? Have you bought this month's Glamour yet? What did you get? And what did you think of The Hangover 2?

Also, don't forget! My competition to win the Sleek Paraguaya palette ends in a mere few days - if you've not entered yet, get to it, pronto!


  1. Oh my gosh, you got all three of the Benefit freebies?! I only managed to pick up Benetint ;) I've seen that Jeremy Kyle remix, the dude who remixed (auto-tuned) it has his own channel on youtube, my boyfriend introduced me to him a while back, its class! Glad your back, have always enjoyed reading your posts! P.S. I know what you mean about the insane weather, its actually making me go insane! Much love.

  2. I picked up all 3 but one of them is for my sister (makes me sound a tad less greedy...)
    But anyway, welcome back to blogging! :D

  3. I'm liking what you're hating (meaning I agree) :)

  4. No you're not the only one, hangover 2 sucked.

  5. Ahhh the 'at the end of the day' part of the vid is where it really cracked me up! I did enjoy the hangover 2, I must admit but I didnt belly laugh as much as I thought I would. I found the pictures at the end the funniest bit! Well, where I laughed most anyways. Very jealous of your jet setting lifestyle missus :p I need to book me up a holiday ASAP! xx

  6. Ahaha that Jeremy Kyle video was awesome. Can't wait to get back to the UK for my Jezza K fix.
    I don't normally like cats, but how adorable is your sister's kitten! Sooooo cute!
    I'm with you on the Hangover 2, I didn't really find it funny at all. I just found the monkey creepy, not funny.

  7. I do find jeremy kyle amusing and that video was funny

  8. Everyone in that Jeremy Kyle video has HORRIFIC teeth. I mean seriously, those are the teeth of nightmares!

  9. Ooo I'm loving the freebies! it's a shame that they aren't available outside of the UK :(
    The kitty is gorgeous!


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