The fat man walks alone

Friday, 9 July 2010

Clockwise from left; me, Tash, Nikolai and Lyds

I promise this is the last time I post a photo of leopard-print nails on here, I'm sure we've all had our fill. However, I felt I had to share this because it's not only a picture of lovely, leopardy nails but also of three of my bestestest friends, or at least, their hands. When I was down in London two weeks ago, we all had a fabulous day of being girlie, watching both the Sex and the City movies and making cakes (which sadly, due to a lack of baking powder, turned out kind of horrible). I also leoparded everyone with my mad skillz - I love that we've all got different colour combinations :)

On the subject of nail art; if you really want to see something truly fabulous/creative/brilliant/wonderful, I suggest heading over to Gem Fatale's blog, where her latest Tuesday Tips post was pure genius. I've already been inspired to buy a load of (super cheap) nail accessories on eBay.

PS. If anyone can tell me which movie the title quote is from, you will win... well, you will win nothing, I have nothing to give, but you will win my respect and admiration. And surely that's the best prize of all, right?


  1. Nice, bright and summery!

  2. love your nails !!!!!


  3. Kind of horrible cake is better than no cake at all!

    ..well.. kind of anyway.

    Damn the man, save the Empire


  4. Lauren-

    I know I am rubbish and behind but what do you use for drawing the black bits and where can I get me some?

  5. Sorry I'm so behind on reading your glorious blog but... this made me smile loads! Great day :)

    Also I actually bought baking powder the next day and made what promised to be a delicious coffee cake and smelled delish in the oven but collapsed as soon as I took it out and was completely inedible... so you're very kind for blaming the lack of baking powder but I think in fact our downfall was me being pants at baking :/

    Love you miss you x.

  6. "The fat man walks alone".
    I'm certain that I actually coined the phrase in 1984. It was used to send a computer message to a female I was dating at work. The message means "The boss has left, let's do what we planned earlier". The female would contact me with "The eagle has landed". These messages occurred everyday between us but we sent no other text, ever. My boss can read the messages and because he is fat, he thought the fat man was a reference to him. He was right; I was busted. But I knew right away that he was more concerned with being called fat than anything else so I told him right away that it was secret code to the female that we were going to lunch or home for the day and the phrases we used were from a spy movie where two secret agents identified themselves by the two phrases. He believed me and laughed, this was not a secret at all who I was dating, everyone knew it, so he had no problem retelling the story which easily spread through an office with over 300 computer programers all on the same floor. The story most likely spread to the New York city office with over 5000 employees. We communicated with NY daily.

    That's the truth.

    There may be a "Fat man walks alone" quote before 1984; but I maintain that the combination of "The eagle has landed" + "The fat man walks alone"
    originated from a office romance at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.
    I'm sure they still have the messages archived somewhere on tape.


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