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Saturday, 24 July 2010

fashion and beauty at the little curly girlCan I just say OH and then add MY GOD. Of all the nail art designs that WAH Nails have posted on their blog, this could well be my absolute favourite ever ever ever. MINNIE MOUSE BOWS! As soon as my nails grow a bit, I am SO trying this out. I will probably be disappointed as there's no way I've got a steady enough hand to draw bows so perfectly, but still, I have to try because this is just too cute!
Just thought I'd share this lovely snippet of conversation from last night when myself, my parents and my sister were trying to decide what film to watch (yes, that is how exciting my life is at the moment...)
Me: Is The Dark Knight scary though?
Mum: No, it's just very... dark.
[EDIT - I just re-read this and realised it's not actually very funny, I think it's one of those things where you had to be there... take my word for it though, it WAS funny!]
I hope this partially explains why I'm the way I am. Blame the parents, always blame the parents.


  1. NO MY GAWD.


    loves, Fleur


  2. Lauren Said: I tried this over the weekend. It ended up looking like I had dead butterflies on the end of my nails. I need better skills.

  3. I blame my parents. My parents blame me. It's a vicious cycle.

    Maybe we all need bows on our nails!


  4. Haha I love re-telling those you had to be there moments, and realising u just sounded like an idiot!
    These nails are amazing! they are probably my favourite of all the designs I've seen. I did see some very cute strawberry nails a while ago too x


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