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Monday, 20 September 2010

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's lips are ridiculous. In a good way. Ridiculous though.

As much as it pains me to say it, the cold weather seems to be well and truly here to stay. All that talk of an 'Indian Summer' was clearly LIES, because I've seen nothing but wind, rain and oh, what's that? More rain. I'm already recovering from my first cold of the season and it's not even October yet. BLEURGH! Fortunately, while it's cold outside, I can stay warm and toasty inside with a cup of tea, my fluffy pink dressing gown and Ian Somerhalder's strong arms the new series of Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries. However, while I'd love to pretend that I'm a squirrel and spend the next few months hibernating, I'm not sure how happy my job and social life would be with that arrangement so there will probably be occasions when I'm forced to leave the house and brave the elements. Conclusion? I'm going to be needing something significantly more snuggly to stop me from freezing to death. And my first choice is a big, chunky shearling lined jacket.

Burberry Prorsum

Mulberry, Topshop Unique and Wunderkind

ADAM, DKNY and Giles

If money was no object, I would absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, be sporting that khaki green Burberry Prorsum jacket (the middle one). I would wear it everywhere, probably even in bed. Sadly though, since I'm pretty sure that I don't have a spare £3000 lying around (I'll check down the back of the sofa, just in case, but I doubt it), I'll have to settle for a high street version instead.

Faux Sheepskin Flying Jacket, £78 Topshop

Of all the shearling jackets I've found online at the moment (and there is A LOT - these were just a few picks), this is probably my absolute favourite - it just looks SO WARM! And it's very similar to the Burberry one. Sadly, I found this on the Topshop website a couple of weeks back but it must be out of stock at the moment because I just checked back to get the price and I can't find it on there - anyone know how much it costs? And whether it'll be back in stock?! I hope so, because I feel this might be the coat that will help me survive the next few months of coldness and misery...


  1. Mmm I adore this trend! Would definitely like to be snuggling into some shearling of my own this winter!

  2. Ah, the shearling aviator is without a doubt the best thing about this season. I wish I had the money for the Topshop version, let alone Burberry, And I just wish the knock-offs used real shearling too... it's just not the same being synthetic!

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  3. We sell shearlings were I work. I get so jealous of people buying them! their soooo soft!

  4. I really want to get my hands on a shearling jacket and, thanks to Burberry (again) I really want a studded trench.

  5. Hmm I think I've already overdosed on the whole shearling/aviator jacket thing & it's been hot here this week! Hot! Very confusing indeed...

    The H&M one is the best though, cheap enough & looks decent enough

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  7. Hey just pooped into to Top Shop Broadway NY its back in I think in 2 different colours, $750 !!!

    I dont think this one will date too much , a classic.

    Cheers Victoria

  8. Fabulous picks of latest fashion Jackets ... Loved it..!
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