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Monday, 25 October 2010

Bloody typical. You put yourself on a spending ban for a couple of weeks, and suddenly it seems that all the shops in the world are calling to you, saying;

"oooh Franki, look what we've got! Look at all the pretty things! Look at them, aren't they pretty? Don't you want to buy them, Franki? Don't you want to buy them all? DON'T YOU?!"

I can officially say that Topshop's new Heavy Duty makeup collection is right at the top of my list of things I want to buy, but currently can't justify buying. Isn't it rubbish being skint? One day, when I'm a rich grown up, I'll buy all the Topshop makeup I want, you'll see, I'll be able to bath in the stuff, that's how much I'll have. For now though, I can only look longingly at the pictures on the website. Sigh...

fashion and beauty at the little curly girl

fashion and beauty at the little curly girl
In addition to the new Heavy Duty collection, they've also added some new products to their standard makeup line. I'm loving the new mono eyeshadows in a variety of earthy shades, and the Concealer Duo which, after having a very quick try of it in the store, looks like it gives fairly good coverage. Plus I think it's a good idea that there's two shades of concealer in one, so that you can blend them together for the perfect shade.

fashion and beauty at the little curly girl
Eyes in Potion and Dirty Martini, £6.50 each

The other things I got super excited about when I was last in Topshop are the new nail wraps. I'd been thinking for a while about how I'd like to try Minx nails, but as I'm a DIY girl there's no way I'd pay to have them done in a salon when I could just learn how to do it myself instead. However, when I looked into it, I saw that you have to use a heat lamp on the Minx foils to soften them and help them adhere to your nail, and I figured, "well I don't have a heat lamp, so that's the end of that". You know what I do have though? A hairdryer, yes indeedy, and that's exactly what you need for the new Nail Rock nail wraps - wahey! As soon as I get my hands on a set of these, I'll do some kind of review on them, maybe even a video tutorial, who knows? I'm very excited though. I mean VERY excited.
fashion and beauty at the little curly girl
Metalic Lizard and White Lace Nail Wraps, £6.50 each


  1. ok so you need to sit me down and explain make up.
    however - LOVING the heavy duty stuff and your prev. post about nail varnish. The nail bug bit me and I (who never buys make up, I know, sue me now) bought mint green and baby blue. LOVE them. You provided some inspiration.

    One day we will all earn decent money and be able to look halfway decent.
    We will never be rich.
    x x

  2. Ohhh I could probably write a short book starting with "one day when I'm a rich grown up". The marker pen intrigues me. I have a similar one from Bourjois but it is not the gorgeous berry colour of the Topshop one therefore I need it! As if I could pull it off though! x

  3. I tested that lip marker pen on my hand when I was in the other day, and it literally wouldnt budge and was still faintly there after i had a shower! So, defo heavy duty :p Maybe santa will bring you some for christmas? it is typical though, I feel your pain on that one missus! xx

  4. Oh, that is always the way when it comes to shopping bans!!
    But stay strong, I know you can do it.

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. Those nail wraps look great, wonder how long they last? Might have to give them a go myself. I keep thinking, I cant wait to finish uni, and get a job, so I can just go out and blow £40 on a jumper, and it be like spending £10 on one from primark!
    Being skint is seriously poo!

  6. I love the new topshop makeup but i dont know if its any good or not I'll have to watch some reviews! xx

  7. Love the lip color, and the nailpolish color!!

  8. i hate topshop a lot but i love lip tints that i might this once buy something from there
    x enter my giveaway?

  9. Those 2 eyeshadows are the shizz! How did I not spot these in Topshop? Lemming has now begun! xx


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