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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wahey, joy of joys, it's monthly vlog time again!

Products featured;
Blistex MedPlus

After reading this post yesterday by the lovely Dani, I decided to join her in her foundation-free-February challenge - eek! My skin's been really rubbish lately and I think that slicking on a layer of foundation every day probably isn't helping, so for the next month I'm going to try and go without. I'm not wearing any in the video above and you can't really tell, but I'm certain that when I'm getting up for work tomorrow morning and my skin looks all dull and tired, it's going to be a struggle not to reach for the Revlon PhotoReady. I won't be giving up my bronzer though, oh no, I'm not brave enough to make THAT much of a sacrifice yet!


  1. Hurrah for no foundation :D! I use a dab of it as concealer where I need it and it's so hard resisting the temptation to plaster it all over my face. But I keep telling myself it's for my own good and that my skin will thank me for it (it better!) Love the video, I've never tried Blistex before (oh the shame) and my Vaseline lipbalm is making my lips all weird! May have to change :D xxx

  2. foundation free feb?! good on you gal! bet your skin will LOVE you after it! wish I could do the same, il maybe wait until summer though when my skin is a bit brighter. feel like a ghost right now :( thank you for the lovely comment on my last post, haha the video with the little girl made me laugh so much!! :D what a wee cutie! xx

  3. I couldn't be that brave - I don't wear foundation too often but sometimes there are calls for it y'know? Good luck with that, is powder allowed? :) jazzy ♥

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