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Sunday, 17 October 2010

When I popped into the newsagents earlier to pick up a magazine (and a Galaxy bar, if you must know) and was faced with an array of free beauty treats, I got a bit excited. Being the cheapskate bargain hunter that I am, I love a good freebie and in this time of financial difficulty, I'm sure everyone else does too. So I thought I'd give you all a quick heads up about some flippin' marvellous freebies that are available with the November issues of the UK's top glossy mags.
First up, with ELLE (which is what I bought), you get a mini 7ml tube of Clinique's new Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in 09 Currant.

fashion and beauty at the little curly girl

As this is a mini version, it doesn't state in the magazine how much it's worth, but the full size 15ml version is £12 so I'd hazard a guess that this is worth around £5/£6. It's a really nice, non-sticky feeling gloss, with the subtlest hint of colour. I was in need of a lipgloss, so this was an ideal freebie for me, plus it's the perfect size to chuck into even the smallest of handbags for a night out. Lovely!

Cosmopolitan is giving away a MissGuided Splash nail varnish with every issue; there's three shades to choose from (see below) and they're worth £5 each.

fashion and beauty at the little curly girl
MissCellaneous, MissFit and MissBehave, £5 each from MissGuided

There's more free nail varnish with Marie Claire, which is giving away a free bottle of Ciaté Paint Pots. You can choose from either Dangerous Affair or Mistress, worth £9 each.

fashion and beauty at the little curly girl
Dangerous Affair and Mistress, £9 each from Ciaté

Normally I'd have definitely gone for a free nail varnish rather than the lipgloss, but I do love Elle magazine and I also feel like I've gone a bit mental with the nail varnish of late. At my last count I had twenty eight different colours and it's not like I can wear them all at once so it seems a bit excessive to get any more for a while. Even so, I am really liking the look of Dangerous Affair - Ciaté nail varnishes are excellent, so IMO the Marie Claire offer is a particularly good one.

Finally, with the November issue of InStyle (which, incidentally, has Ginnifer Goodwin on the cover, who I LOVE!), you get a free 30ml tube of L'Occitane hand cream, worth £7, with three fragrances to choose from.

fashion and beauty at the little curly girl
Shea Butter, Cherry Blossom and Fleur Cherie, £7 each from L'Occitane

I've never used it, but I hear L'Occitane stuff is lovely; my Mum always goes on about the Shea Butter handcream, and she's right about most things, so I would say that this is yet another brilliant offer!

Now I've just done the maths and while I'm not saying anyone should do actually this, it might be worth noting that if you were to go out and buy one copy of ELLE, two copies of Marie Claire and three copies of both Cosmo and InStyle so that you had all of the freebies listed above, you'd be getting £60 worth of stuff for £31.90! That's a pretty impressive saving! Like I said, I'm not expecting anyone to go out and do this - I mean, who needs three tubes of hand cream?! But the point here is, freebies are brilliant!


  1. I love magazine freebies, earlier in the year I bought an issue of InStyle that came with a free Moschino Cheap & Chic tote.

  2. ooooh I love freebies! and I have that clinique lipgloss its the best xx

  3. love this! amazing blog!
    come follow I will follow back!


  4. I used to love the free shitty make up you used to get with Sugar and Mizz (Miss?) where you had to do like ten coats to get any colour at all.

    Unfortunately though that issue of Elle also had Alexa Chung on the front...I went for Dazed & Confused :)

  5. How fun! I would have loved the nail polish, but I never buy magazines on the newsstand (anymore than $10 for a years subscription is too much for me!)

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. love your blog! let's follow each other?

  7. Magazine freebies make up my life. I got Elle today, but sadly I hate lipgloss, much suited to lipstick :( I know what you mean about nail varnish too. I have 34 colours hahah. Great blog btw, just kinda stumbled onto it! I'll be back, its rad! Panda xo

  8. I also bought Elle and was very happy with my gloss! But now that I know how much that nail varnish is worth I might have to go buy a second magazine! I love magazine freebies... I got a Paul and Joe Sister t-shirt with Elle in the summer!

  9. Magazine freebies are always awesome! :) and good when lovely blogger ladies give you the heads up on them so thank you for that girlie! thanks for the comment on my last post too, its for beauty and the beast :) looks quite scary though so far! eep, our fault :p xx

  10. Oh God (or otherwise stated deity)! I have been away from commenting/blogging for too long, I am to fix this. Now!

    ..actually, I'm not sure I have that much to say right now. Although, freebies are great. Even if I have no idea what the hell 'Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss' is.... *ahem*


  11. I love the bottles the red nail varnish comes in, how sweet! xxx


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