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Sunday, 7 November 2010

It's a bit pointless me posting this now, because Halloween was a week ago, but I really just wanted to share these pics of Anjelica Huston as Morticia in the Addams Family, because she, or at least her makeup, was my inspiration this year.

Gothic fabulousness to the max. I love her cheekbones.

Sadly, I didn't really end up doing anything for Halloween; I was a bit rubbish last week and just couldn't be bothered moving! Seriously, two days for the weekend isn't enough - five days at work really take it out of me... (or I'm just very lazy...)
I did have a bit of a makeup practice the night before Halloween, because I was undecided about whether I was going to go to a party or not, so figured I should have a costume on standby just in case. Anyway, using the photos above as inspiration, I created my version of Morticia Addams;

Notice how I managed to incorporate the white face powder from last year? I bloody love that stuff. Sorry for the slightly moody face in the first photo, but this was the best of a bad bunch; I was trying to get that Morticia sneer, but I ended up looking like an idiot...

Although I didn't end up getting all fancy dressed up for Halloween, I am going to get the chance to make up for it as two of my most wonderful friends have just announced that they're having a joint birthday party in a couple of weeks in London and the theme is Rumble in the Jungle! Which means everyone has to come as some kind of jungle animal! Obviously there's a lot of possibilities for crazy costumes and I spent a couple of days changing my mind about what to go as, but I've now settled on an animal; I just need to work out how I'm going to do it. Hair and makeup is going to play a big part though...

Did everyone have a good weekend? And more importantly, did you see X Factor?! I can't believe we were so close to getting Katie out and the judges saved her again! I put this on Twitter too, but seriously, if a singer forgot their lyrics and then sat down on the stage and had a little temper tantrum, people would be calling them an unprofessional idiot. Katie does it and Simon says it makes her an 'interesting' performer?! WTF?!


  1. Ahh your make up was fantastic!! You did a great job :) the white powder looks perfect, i always end up using white face paint that looks awful after a few hours, i'll have to get what you have used, hehe!
    thanks for your lovely comment, my books do have a lovely old book smell, hehe!!

  2. Make-up skills!! Looks really good!
    Can't wait to see your jungle costume!

  3. oh wow you did the makeup to a T i love it

    stop by sometime<3

  4. Great make up! I'm interested to see what you'll come up with for your friend's party.
    I haven't seen the x factor performances yet but i'm surprised Katie is still there...I'll have to check on youtube.

  5. Morticia is a style icon. No kidding!


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