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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Although leopard print has been quite 'fashionable' for the last couple of years, it's really taken me some time to accept it as something I'd actually wear, as I've never quite been able to shake off the images of Mel B, lunging and flailing about in all her Girl Powered insanity, wearing a horrifying variety of lycra leopard catsuits, mini skirts and boob tubes...

Scary is an understatement.
I think most animal prints can quite easily fall into the trap of looking cheap and nasty, and for me, leopard print was especially something that I'd normally associate with naff, tacky clubwear and mutton-dressed-as-lamb-type women. Take, for instance, Bet Lynch from Coronation Street;

Please be aware, I'm not really old enough to actually remember when Bet Lynch was in Corrie, but she's someone I feel that we all, as Brits, should be aware of. Like the Queen. Or Ant and Dec.

Recently though, I've started to change my mind, and thanks to the abundance of leopard print that was on the Fall catwalks, I'm starting to see the joys of leopard. With designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Balmain all doing their take on the fierce fabric (alliteration is lovely, isn't it?), I've been persuaded to give leopard print another chance.

Dolce & Gabbana

Balmain, Gucci and Mulberry

With my new-found appreciation for leopard print fresh in my heart, I recently bought and wore a body con leopard dress from H&M on a night out. Clearly my apprehensions were completely unfounded because everywhere I looked, someone was wearing leopard print (either it is really trendy or I was right about it being tacky clubwear and I need to have a serious re-think about the bars and clubs that I go to). At one point, I was in the loos and every single girl around me had on a leopard print dress/top/skirt. It was like something from The Jungle Book. But sexier.

It's no surprise really that everyone is wearing leopard print, because all the high street stores are awash with it. Remember how I thought that maybe the reason why camel coats are so popular this season is because The Big Trendy Haberdashery has got a really good deal on camel wool? Well I think their leopard fabric must have just gone into the 50% section. Seriously, just type "leopard" into the search bar on Topshop, ASOS etc and a ridiculous amount of leopard print stuff appears.

I've picked out some of my favourite leopard print bits and pieces that are in stores at the moment. I think what's great about leopard print is that it's actually very versatile. It might seem a bit loud and 'out there' at first, but because the colours are neutrals, it actually goes with most things. So even if you're not too keen on going for all-out leopardy madness, you can just throw on a pair of leopard pumps or a belt and still be on trend.

Seriously considering getting a leopard coat for my winter coat. I'm so over camel. A leopard would kill a camel. Just putting that out there.

leopard print fashion at the little curly girl

Leopard Print Jersey Pencil Skirt, £24 ASOS

fashion and beauty at the little curly girl

Truly Madly Deeply Animal Cross Tee, £28 Urban Outfitters

fashion and beauty at the little curly girl

Leopard Cardigan, £32 Miss Selfridge

Leopard Print Jersey Culottes, £16 ASOS

Dress, £12.99 H&M (this is the one I've got - I love it!)

Which is your favourite? Have you been wearing leopard print? Am I the only one who was scared of it?!

Also, I've been writing this post in the ad breaks between X Factor - it's just finishing now - who are you loving? I've been a big fan of Cher throughout, but I thought this week's performance was a bit boring. Loving Rebecca and Matt though - think they were the two best performances of the night. And who are you hating?! Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know how I feel about Katie... GET HER OUT!


  1. Ah Bet Lynch - what a woman. I am loving leopard print but I'm too wimp to wear a proper leopard print item of clothing. All I have is my trusty scarf from H&M and the occasional leopard print nails! I'm trying not to buy something too "out there" just because I won't ever wear it again when the trend wears off!
    Matt was great but One Direction were AMAZING (fangirl) and I love Harry's shoulder thrusts when he sings hehe! Don't really hate anyone but Treyc is the biggest snooze-fest ever xx


  2. I sooo want that bodycon dress, but I haven't seen it here in silly France! Might be an order off the website jobby!
    My leopard print obsession is somewhat scary though, I own so much stuff already... But one more thing couldn't hurt right? And then there are those lovely moccasins...

  3. I was exactly the same, I used to hate leopard print, but now I keep getting drawn to it, I dont know whats wrong with me!!

  4. Haha Bette! <3

    I love Leopard! I have a faux fur for xmas. Love the UO shirt I may have to go buy it.... xx

  5. I loooove leopard print!And that bodycon dress is amazing!<3


  6. I love leopard print but in moderation. I adore the pieces that you chose!


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