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Thursday, 12 May 2011

This skirt is £6.99 from H&M - I want it. (maybe in the black and the peach)

I've not been shopping in a while, so I wouldn't have even known that this skirt existed had I not spotted it, in its various colour options, on three or four different blogs. That's one of the things I love about fashion blogs - they do the same job as magazines when it comes to keeping you in the know about all the lovely things that are currently in the shops. And, unlike magazines, most of the items of clothing or beauty products that I read about on blogs are things I could actually afford to buy (my fashion magazines of choicIe are Elle and Sunday Times Style, both of which seem to assume that all of their readers are millionaires. Believe me, we're not).

'm sure I've mentioned it before, but when it comes to fashion and beauty, I'm very easily influenced and pretty much want to buy every lipstick/dress/skirt/cagoule I see, especially when it's being shown off to it's full fabulousness on several different blogs. I've already seen this skirt here, here and here and no doubt it's been featured on loads more, because it's super versatile, flattering on pretty much any body shape and crazy cheap. Excellent skirt all round I say. Plus it's available in loads of different colours (and there's a very similar patterned one too). Well done, H&M , well done.

What do you think? Will you be buying this H&M lovely? Have you already bought it? What colour should I go for?!


  1. I love/hate great stuff like this that's also so cheap.. my mentality is 'well, it's cheap AND it's not something that will be ~out of fashion~ three weeks down the line.. BUY IT IN ALL COLOURS' hah.
    And I agree witht he blog/fashion mags point you made, I prefer reading blogs over magazines because you also get a more 'real' review, as opposed to a magazine where it can often just feel like a cleverly worded promo piece

  2. only £6.99!?!!? So getting the black or peach? Not sure, love love love the post! Hope you visit back, I've done my first vlog would love to know what you think!

  3. thanks for the link! love that skirt so much now have it in grey and navy as well, and need the peach version. It's so versatile, i love it! xx

  4. cute

  5. But what's it made out of?

    That's my problem with H&M. If you run your hand along the rails sometimes, your hand stands on end from the static off the synthetic fabrics.

    But I like the pinky colour.

  6. I have one of these skirts in a navy and white partern, really want to get a few more :-) x

  7. @Jess I agree with you, some stuff from H&M isn't made from the best fabrics, but to be fair, I've seen this skirt 'in person' and it's a nice soft jersey :)


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