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Monday, 23 May 2011

I can't believe how long ago I wrote this post! It was intended to go up last week while I was away on holiday; I was super organised and wrote this and a second post the week before last but then Blogger went crazy and I couldn't access them and then I went on holiday - SO RIDICULOUSLY ANNOYING! So, for once, lack of blogging genuinely wasn't my fault, it was Blogger's. DAMN YOU BLOGGER!!!

Now I should have done this AGES ago, but, because I pretty much fail at life, I've only just gotten around to doing it. The very lovely Catherine, of Catherine's Loves tagged me with this award last month - thanks Catherine!

Here's what to do if you are tagged -

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Now, back in January, I received the Versatile Blogger Award, which is actually quite similar to this one, in that it asks you to share facts about yourself. Not a lot has happened to me between January and now, so I doubt I'll be able to come up with ten shiny new facts about myself, so I'm going to link to the previous award post, here, which has seven facts, so that leaves me... if my maths is correct (come on brain, don't fail me now!)...with three more facts... here goes;

1. I'm 23 (24 in August) and STILL can't drive. I've never had a single lesson and I actually think now that if I got behind the wheel of a car, I'd be absolutely terrified. My parents offered to pay for driving lessons when I turned 17 but then they said they wouldn't buy me a car or put me on their insurance once I passed my test, so I didn't see the point in learning (FOOLISH girl!) Since then there's never really been a convenient time (and I haven't had the money) to give it a go. I really wish I had learned because driving really does make life so much easier, plus it opens up loads more job prospects for you. So any teenage types out there, learn from my mistakes - if your parents offer you lessons, just take them!

2. I'm a massive wimp. I hate horror films - literally can't bear to watch them at all and on the rare occasion when I'm forced to, I spend a good few hours in bed afterwards jumping at every tiny sound, convinced that something's going to come and 'get' me. I can just about deal with thrillers or really tame horror films that are more jumpy than gory, but I refuse to watch anything to do with ghosts/exorcisms and don't even get me started on 'slasher' movies! I just don't see the fun in watching people be murdered - is that so bad?!

3. When it comes to supermarkets and 'everything under one roof'-type stores, I go mental. Seriously, set me loose in Wilkinson's and you won't see me for a good few hours. I just get so excited by all the things and offers and oh look that paint is buy one get one free, maybe I should paint something! (I've never painted in my life) I swear, it's a genuine problem.

Ok, so those are my facts done and dusted, now time for some linkage. Last time I did one of these, I didn't really bother with this part as I couldn't remember who had or hadn't received the award already, but this time I'm going to do it - it's nice to share the love after all.

I tag;

Apologies if I've tagged you and you've already received this award or a similar one, but hey, now you've got two! Yes, they do take up a bit of extra space on the mantlepiece and yes, they do require A LOT of dusting, but in all honestly, I think everyone needs at least one unusually spelt blog award in their life!


  1. I laughed a lot at number 3. I'm exactly the same! They're about to open a massive Wilkinsons right by where I work & I'm a bit worried I'll go out for lunch & never come back.

    & agreed on number one. I'm so glad I learned straight away. Maybe you could just do it really spaced out...?

  2. Thank you! I know what you mean about driving i will be 17 in a few months and although its not like i will be buying a car i still want driving lessons because otherwise i don't think i would get round to it either. Have a nice day x

  3. Thanks for the award & for tagging me! I'm exactly the same with points two & three...I can't watch anything on my own that's even slightly creepy & I could spend all day in the huge Tesco I live near, stocking up on anything & everything! :)


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