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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

So, last month (31st August, to be precise) it was my 24th birthday. Yep, I'm properly in my mid-twenties now - I can't pretend to be on the cusp anymore, let's face it, it's all downhill from here. Anyway, I finally got around to making a haul video of all the lovely goodies I got. (Not that I'm materialistic or anything...)

I realised, after I'd finished filming, that I didn't mention the present my boyfriend got me. This is not because his present was rubbish or weird or anything, it's because I am foolish and forgetful at times. You see, everything I talked about in the video was a physical thing I had in front of me, whereas his present wasn't. He took me to see The Sound of Music in Manchester and because I am foolish I didn't think to keep the tickets or buy a program as proof. Anyway, it was marvellous, I'd really recommend it to any musical fans out there. Verity Rushworth (who used to play Donna Windsor in Emmerdale) was absolutely brilliant as Maria and Jason Donovan was supposed to be playing Captain Von Trapp, but we saw the undertsudy because he was ill. Fab show though... "the hills are ALIIIIIIIIIIVE with the sound of music!" Thanks Joe!


  1. i saw it when it was in glasgow a few months back and loved it. You wherent mising much with not seeing jason donovin. He was what made it great but not amazing for me.


  2. This was in my subscription list on youtube so I watched it on my phone whilst stuck in a traffic jam, it made the awful experience a little better so thanks!
    I'm jel that you're name ends in ey so it can be incorporated into 90s songs. Some friends tries to call me weezy at school but it just felt wrong.



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