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Sunday, 4 September 2011

As you probably know, last week Models Own held another 50% off everything sale on their site and I, along with the rest of the blogging population got very excited. I was actually a bit worried that the sale would go live while I was away on holiday in Herefordshire and I'd miss out completely, but fortunately, due to technical problems, it actually got delayed for a couple of days, which meant that I could still snap up plenty of half price goodies when I got home. Happy days. My package arrived on Thursday and I'm so pleased with what I bought.

Don't you just LOVE getting packages???

Top; Powder Duo Bronzer in Sun Goddess, Eyelash Curlers and Lipstick in Pinky Red. Bottom; Smash Up Silver, Pink Punch, Blooboo, Snow White, Top Turquoise and Cream Eyeshadow in White Pearl.

I know that Models Own is most well known for its nail polishes, but I decided to get a few other makeup products too. I've not tried everything out properly yet, but I'm LOVING the bronzing powder, the darker shade is perfect for contouring and the lighter one makes a lovely blusher. Of the nail colours I bought, so far I've only tried Pink Punch and Blooboo but I'm looking forward to giving Top Turquoise a go too, as I know it's a very popular one. Pink Punch is probably my favourite product so far, it is the most ridiculously bright pinky/coral colour I've ever owned. I've been dying to find an obnoxiously bright fluorescent pink for a while now and this is definitely it!

What did you buy in the sale? Have you tried any of the above products? What did you think?


  1. Great items! I got Peacock nail polish, Beths Blue nail polish and a couple of other items ready for a swap!

  2. I'm interested in the bronzing powder now. I've never even bothered to look at the makeup; it's all about the nail polish! By the way I'm so happy that someone else likes My Little Pony!! I'm not joking when I say I love it! x

  3. awh you got lots of lovely things!
    I completely missed the sale so didn't get anything :( x

  4. pretty gutted I forgot to add any of the makeup to my little fifty percent off basket, d'oh! looks like a lovely little bronzer! x

    ramz and the flock

  5. p.s you were on holiday in herefordshire?! that's where I live, haha! did you like it? xx

  6. Oooh, great items! I missed the sale unfortunately, far too penniless! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  7. Ooo lucky. Those nail shades look lovely. Can't wait to see them!

  8. Thanks for sttopping by..
    Maybe we can follow each other ? *


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