Saturday, 29 May 2010

Now that the sun has well and truly buggered off again, I can finally catch up on my blogging shenanigans. Like I said on Monday, I've got lots to talk about so I'm going to try to do several posts over the next few days. We'll see how it goes.

Three years ago, my parents gave me a camera for Christmas. It's not one of those fancy Nikon or Canon ones with the big zoom lens or anything like that, it's just a standard, automatic digital camera, Samsung Digimax to be exact, 7.2 mega pixels, I don't really know what that means. Anyay, my mum told me that it can actually do some cool stuff, and it does have lots of settings, but since I lost the instruction booklet and have absolutely no clue when it comes to photography, (what the hell's an ISO?) I've pretty much only ever used it to take photos of friends etc on nights out.

I decided, about a month or so ago, to mess about with the camera in my garden as the sun was shining and the flowers looked pretty, and by randomly kind of pressing buttons and fiddling with the different numbers (which still mean nothing to me) I ended up with some reasonably ok-ish photos. Like I said, I'm no photographer, I have no idea about this stuff - a photo is either interesting/pretty or it isn't, but I'm quite proud of these shots;

See, pretty right? Right?!

Only problem is, because I was just pressing stuff at random, I don't really remember what I did and any close-ups or arty shots I've attempted since then have ended up being a blurry mess.

Until today!

I've been taking photos of my nails alot recently, because I've become a bit obsessed with nail art and have been trying lots of new things, but most of the images have ended up being blurry or too flashy (notice my expert use of photography lingo) and therefore rubbish. Earlier today though, I pressed this little button with a picture of a flower on it and voila! Super-detailed close-up!

I couldn't decide what colour to wear, so I just put them all on!

(Colours used - Chanel Le Vernis in Particuliere, Barry M Nail Paint in Grey, Turquoise, Pink Flamingo and Mint Green, 17 Lasting Fix in Parma Violet and Topshop Nails in Stolen Sapphires)

I'm sure you can get even better detail with a really fancy camera, but for a three-year-old standard digicam, I'm pretty pleased with this!

The nails were inspired by Dusky Ledoux's Monet-style nails, which were in turn inspired by Gem Fatale's creations, which were inspired by the geniuses (genii?) at WAH Nails.

Basically, nail art is like, totally everywhere, yeah?


  1. Ooh. Love your nails! You've inspired me to have a look at the nail varnish range on the Topshop website. Bad mistake - now I want them all! x

  2. Thanks guys - it's a very easy look, just lots of different coloured splodges and a coat of clear over the top!
    DSL - I know, I'm obsessed with pretty much everything in the Topshop makeup range but the nail colours are especially lovely! xxx

  3. Wow, the nails are fab!

    And I'm no photographer either (I've always said I'll do a course one day!), but I think the setting you discovered is macro :)


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