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Thursday, 2 December 2010

So I haven't blogged since about nineteen-dickety-two (we had to say "dickety" because the kaiser had stolen the word "twenty". I chased that rascal to get it back, but gave up after dickety-six miles) - sorry about that. Have you missed me terribly? Have you? HAVE YOU?!

Anyway, regular posting will probably recommence over the next few days; it's a bit late now, but I suddenly had an urge to say a little hello and make sure you hadn't all died on me (you haven't? Oh good!)

Last weekend I went to London for my friends Tash and Bob's birthday fancy dress-o-rama. The theme was Rumble In The Jungle, which meant lions, bears, monkeys, characters from Jumanji, parrots and even toads were all in attendance. As I'm the sort of person who never likes to do things easily, I decided to be a zebra. With a mohican mane and a face full of stripes. Yeah yeah yeah.

Wearing Pamela Mann Zebra tights (on legs and arms, also used a bit of the left over tights to make a tail) bought on eBay, weird Primark towel dress thing, black flat pumps with gold leopards on them from Topshop (you can't really see them in the pic, but I feel I should mention them as the leopards represented the constant threat of predators that we zebra types have to face. My costume had so many levels to it!)

From left to right - Tash (monkey), Nikki (parrot), me (stripey horse), Lydia (AMAZING leopard - look at her eyes! Will you just LOOK AT THEM!)

What a wonderful, ridiculous night. I also won best fancy dress. Now, last year, when I won best fancy dress at a Halloween party, I was given a plastic skeleton trophy. However, Tash and Bob don't like to do things the traditional way, oh no. So this time around, I won...

A "nautical beard".
I know what you're thinking; how can one person be THAT attractive? Trust me guys, it's all natural.


  1. Awesome outfits! You girls look like you had fun :) loving your friends freaky contact lenses too... ohhhhh! Thats cool that you won a nautical beard, everyone needs a nautical beard in their life! :p xx

  2. hell you wern't lying about the zebra thing haha it looks awesome! xx


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