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Sunday, 5 December 2010

If you're from the UK, then no doubt you've been having to deal with snow recently (even if you're not from the UK you've probably had to deal with snow recently - it's everywhere!). Fortunately, Liverpool didn't have quite as much as some other parts of the country, but there was still enough of it to make life that bit more difficult. Now, there's something you should know about me before I go any further; I'm not a fan of snow. Actually, that's not true, I went to Lapland once and had a lovely time leaping about in the snow, but I was wearing the appropriate snow-gear; a massive snow suit, big heavy boots and these cool penguin mitten things (I looked AWESOME). But, here, in the UK, where I don't own snow clothes, then yes, I hate snow. When it's snowy/icy I spend all my time worrying about falling over (when I worked in Scotland last year, the snow was insane and I fell over four times. FOUR TIMES. It stops being funny, believe me). And being cold. Being cold makes me want to cry. Seriously, cry. If I had a choice, I'd just stay inside the whole time and wait for the snow to melt, but as I have one of those annoying things called a "job", that isn't really an option.

I'm sure it's been the same for a lot of you; the combination of slippy ice and bitterly cold weather has had quite a big effect on what I've been wearing. Mainly my approach is; wear any outfit I'd usually wear, but then pile a whole load of knitwear/coats/shawls/hats etc on top of it. Despite my addition of six thousand extra layers, I think I still look ok ("snuggly chic" I like to call it), but even if I didn't, I wouldn't really care, because my main concern is getting to work without dying of hypothermia (which is clearly a possibility). However, there may have been one part of my outfit that a lot of you would have been, quite frankly, disgusted by...

Oh God, I'm scared to say this.

All week long, I've been wearing...

Ugg boots

Argh! I feel like I've just confessed to some kind of dark, seedy fetish...

Ok, ok, I know, you're horrified and appalled (don't look at me! I'm too ashamed!). The thing is though, maybe I'm becoming an old woman, but (shock horror!) there are times when looking good isn't actually my main priority when I get dressed. This past week was one of those times; I still factored style somewhere into the equation, but keeping warm and not falling over were far more important to me.

You also have to understand, if you've never worn a pair of Uggs, that they are SO comfortable and SO warm. I know there are other options out there for warm winter shoes, hell I even did a whole post on shearling boots, but as I'm still waiting to get some of those for Christmas, Uggs are currently the only thing I own that are suitable for this kind of weather.

I understand that a lot of people hate them for a multitude of reasons; the uglyness of them, the fact that they're the footwear of choice for so many irritating people (WAGs, chavs, Katie Price) and also that they just won't seem to go away (overkill isn't the word). But I want to make it clear; I've never seen my Uggs as a fashion thing, they're simply a practical thing. I don't wear them all year round, in fact they've been in my cupboard probably since January, and I don't own hundreds of pairs of them in different styles/colours, I've just got the one pair.

Katie, Colleen and Kerry - does this mean I'm guilty by association???

Maybe it's because I'm not a big shoe person. Dresses, coats, jewellery makeup, yes please, but shoes just aren't high on my agenda. So wearing a pair of Uggs doesn't feel like that big of a fashion crime to me. Also, I genuinely don't think they look THAT horrible (I've got the short, grey ones like in the first picture); whenever I'm wearing them, they always remind me of a teddy bear's feet, and really, what could be bad about that? There are other versions of Uggs that I truly think are grotesque (have you ever seen the metallic ones? WTF?!) but I think mine are pretty minimal in the ugly stakes. This could be to do with the fact I'm from Liverpool, where seemingly every single person with feet owns at least one pair of Uggs - maybe I've just been conditioned into accepting them...?

I'm well aware that, once you start to sacrifice style for comfort when it comes to shoes, you're just a few steps away from throwing any sense of fashion out of the window and wearing those 'sensible' velcro sandal things you always see old people wearing on walking holidays. I'll make you a promise right here, right now; this Ugg situation is a one-off thing - I will NEVER wear velcro sandals for as long as I live.

Thoughts please, people - where do you stand when it comes to Uggs? What have you been wearing in the snowy weather? And are there ever occasions when you're happy to sacrifice your style for comfort? I need to know the answers!

[NB. This post has absolutely nothing to do with the comments Lily recently made on Twitter - I've been planning to talk about Uggs for a while now. And for the record, I think Lily is awesome.]


  1. OO er seen my recent post:

    Point 1...x

  2. how I feel your pain regarding the snow, cold, falling etc...! I never know what to wear, my wellies have been my best friends (although my feet freeze)and I just try to keep as warm as possible. I keep my heels at work so that I can at least change and look a bit decent :)

  3. Hahha, this made me laugh because I would never in a million years but I do actually own a pair of walking sandals! In my defence I am a field geologist so sometimes I have to sacrifice style for safety and comfort in a BIG way, but still, I'm going to have to think about this.

  4. Haha too true! I have avoided Uggs like the plague for my entire life, but this past week I went to 'check them out'. Fitflops have a very similar boot that promises to tone the leg! Who cares about how your feet look when it's this chilly?

  5. haha good title!
    uggs aren't too bad.... in this weather there mostly covered by the snow! i've been surviving with military boots an thick socks :)


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