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Sunday, 9 January 2011

I'm loving these images of Helena Bonham Carter from last week's issue of The Times Magazine, I think she's absolutely beautiful. I know HBC is one of those people who always appears on 'worst dressed' lists, but I get the impression that she really doesn't give a monkey's (hahaha 'monkeys' - coz she was in Planet of the Apes!. Get it? Hahahaha!) about that sort of thing; she marches to the beat of her own drum and that makes her very cool in my book.

What a fittie

Speaking of Helena, I finally went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last weekend. I can't believe it's taken me so long to go, as I'm a MA-HOO-SIVE HP geek fan, but it was just one of those things I didn't get around to doing. I really enjoyed it; out of all the films I'd say it's probably the one that stays most faithful to the book, although, that's to be expected really as they've done it in two parts which means they couldn't really get away with missing stuff out. Obviously there's a few bits that are changed (I HATE how Bill Weasley isn't introduced until the seventh film. Ridiculous), but they do manage to keep in most of the really important stuff.
HBC is back to her usual psychotic self as Bellatrix LeStrange. She really was just the perfect choice to play that character; she's exactly how I'd imagine her to look, plus she's got the whole evil and unhinged thing down to a T.

Yes, ok, she's a psycho. But look at her hair! She's a curly girl after my own heart!

I decided to re-read the final two books before I saw the film and they've completely re-awakened my love for the whole series. They're just so brilliant. Anyone who's only seen the films but not read the books, please, I urge you, just bloody well sit down and read them. The films are good, but they miss out so much vital information (and also add some really random stuff). The books are amazing and JK Rowling's brain is just magical. Seriously, just read them. Please? PLEASE! Once you've read them, you will thank me, I promise ;)

Another Helena film that's out at the moment is The King's Speech, which also stars Colin Firth. If you've not heard about it, it's about George VI, who suddenly became King after his brother abdicated the throne. He had serious difficulties with public speaking as he suffered from a stammer - kind of problematic when you're the King and are expected to be all speechy - so he hired a speech therapist to help him out. Had I not known anything about this film and just read the description, I probably wouldn't be that fussed about seeing it, however, I've already seen so many good reviews of it and there's been so much hype about Oscar nominations etc that I'm dying to see it.

What do you reckon? Does it sound like your cup of tea? And what do you think of Helena? And Harry Potter? Tell me things! Go!

[first three images scanned from The Times Magazine, Harry Potter image from IMDb]


  1. Ahh I love Helena, think she was the perfect choice for Bellatrix! I watched Charlie & the Chocolate Factory the other day and it was so bizarre seeing her play, well, a 'normal' character, if you know what I mean! I really liked Deathly Hallows too, seen it twice and I just really appreciate how close they've stayed to the book in this one. I hope they do the same in the second part because I honestly BAWL my eyes out at the book and I expect to do the same for the film, I shall be disappointed otherwise!

  2. She is amazing! Don't you think she'd make a good drama teacher? I'll be honest, just the trailer for The King's Speech makes me zzz. I'm not a fan of films about Kings and all that! Harry Potter was probably the best film of the year for me. Saying that, it could be rubbish and I'd still think it was brilliant.

    Haha sorry for influencing you but you should definitely get a onesie! I didn't want cow print but it was the only one with a hood! And OMG, talking of influence, after reading it on someone's blog, I now know of the existence of a Primark version of a Slanket!! £7! And there's one with a hood as well, which I can only assume would be like some sort of large poncho. That is the next thing I will be wasting my money on! x

  3. @Dani Oh my goodness, I cried so much at the end of the seventh book, I was a wreck! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they do a really good job with Part Two of Deathly Hallows, I think they'll have A LOT of angry Potter fans if they mess it up! Really hope they do justice to all the stuff about Snape - that's probably one of my favourite parts.

    @Jade She would be an AMAZING drama teacher!

    Primark Slanket!? Argh!
    My sister got a zebra print Slanket for Christmas and I was SO jealous! At the moment I'm obsessed with anything snuggly and warm, I'm wearing a massive fluffy pink dressing gown right at this very moment! x

  4. amazing!! love lover her in harry potter

  5. Helena is so amazing and has an unique beauty. I love her playing mad witch Bellatrix no one else could have done that as well as she did.. xxx

  6. Thank you :) I've never tried Models Own before! Yes, I liked She's All That. It was a cheesy movie, haha. You look like Bellatrix, actually! I don't know if you've gotten that before, but I saw the picture above it (of you) and it was quite similar!

  7. Okay so I've only read the first book and that was when we were in first year! I really didn't like put me off the rest. I've watched all of the films (not the last one though). Will let you know if I ever get around to reading them. I'm doubtful.

  8. OH MY GOD Snape's chapter in Deathly Hallows is my favourite chapter of all time. OF ALL TIME. And really I just came back to this post to say that I saw The King's Speech and it was much much better than I thought it was, and of course Helena was amazing, she really got the accent spot on! I want to speak in posh clipped tones all the time now! xx


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