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Friday, 7 January 2011

Yesterday was January 6th, (the traditional day for people to take their Christmas decorations down) and our house is now looking distinctly less festive. This saddens me, because even when Christmas day itself has been and gone, you've still got a couple of weeks when you can keep up the Christmas cheer by eating leftover turkey and mince pies and gazing happily at the twinkly, sparkly Christmas tree. However, January is well and truly here now, bringing with it nothing but empty pockets and a nagging feeling that, should I decide to step onto a set of scales, I will be thrown into a pit of despair and snakes horror. Yes, that's right children, Christmas is officially over.
While I appreciate that the new year is supposed to be a time of looking forward, making plans and generally being all good and action-y, I feel like I haven't quite wrung every single last drop of joy out of the proverbial Christmas dishcloth, so I thought I'd share a few snaps from the past couple of weeks before I finally put Christmas to bed.

Mmmm scenty

I managed to catch the end of Mary Poppins on TV one night. Dick Van Dyke's "cockney" accent is just so terrible that it's actually brilliant. "Elloaw Mayree Bohbbins!"

Lindt Father Christmas. He's gone to a better place now.

My new polka dot piggy bank! I've decided to name her Penelope. I've wanted a piggy bank for ages, firstly because I need somewhere to put the stupid amount of change I seem to accumulate and secondly because they're so kitsch and cute! This was a Christmas present from my mum, (from Next) and then weirdly, my auntie also bought me a mini one (also from Next) so now I've got the beginnings of a little piggy family. Hurray!

So that's it, Christmas is definitely over (I know, I know, it's been over for two weeks, stop living in the past, Franki!) and it's time to look forward. I've got lots of plans and ideas about how to make 2011 my best year yet, I just need to start putting them into action. (eeek!) The very lovely Gem, of From Gem With Love, has added a list of "Goals for 2011" to the sidebar of her blog and I'm tempted to do the same thing, as I'm thinking that, if they're written down in a place where other people can see them, it might just encourage me to get my arse in gear and actually make things happen. Why not eh?

What are your resolutions and goals for 2011? Have you got any clever plans for helping you actually stick to them? Care to share them with me???


  1. I also feel a bit sad when all the decorations are taken down and packed in a box, it makes the whole house look empty and normal...I too, will step on some scales but I am seriously scared of what they'll tell me :) Hope you have a great new year!

  2. I didn't even put up decorations in the first place :( I was so sad! When I'm not home, my family doesn't even bother. I don't really have many goals for 2011, just to take initiative and do what I love to do without worrying about what other people think.

  3. I faced the scales a week ago and was not impressed. So I made a goal for 2011 to actually use the £30 a month gym membership I pay and attend every other day...I've been once so far.
    I reckon next year my goal is going to be not to stand on scales.


  4. hah I'm a firm believer in the 'If I tell as many people as possible about it then i'll have no choice but to do it, or risk looking like a loserrr'

  5. Mine is actually helping me, which is good, do it, do it!! I took my tree down ages ago, it was doing my head in, but I put it up way early, as soon as it'as January I just want to start a fresh xxx

  6. Goal no.1 for Franki: get your arse moved to London!

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