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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I have decided that I don't do enough 'wish list' posts and this must change, so from now on, I'm introducing a new feature; "Je voudrais s'il vous plaît", which is French for "I would like please" (doesn't really make sense, but neither do I). Each post will focus on a different store, thus keeping us all up to date with what's currently in stock in various places and also meaning that I won't be spending HOURS clicking from online shop to online shop, trying to compile wish lists and simultaneously weeping with sheer materialism and greed for all the beautiferous items. I have no idea how frequent these posts will be; in a perfect world, I'd say weekly, but I don't want to make promises I can't keep, so I'm not going to specify any kind of time frame at the moment. (but in my head, where the secrets and plans are kept, I'm aiming for fortnightly... we shall see...)

I've been majorly unimpressed with New Look recently; it used to be one of my favourite shops, but seemed to go really downhill over the last few months, so I stopped bothering with it. That is, until last week, when I had some time to kill in town, and having exhausted all my other favourite haunts, I went to New Look for a nose (not an actual nose - you can't buy noses there. With all the advancements in cosmetics and stuff, it's probably only a matter of time before you can, but at the moment you definitely can't.) What a sight I was greeted with! So many beauties! I rushed about like a child with a severe sugar dependancy in a sweet shop, slightly overwhelmed but very excited! Sadly, as I'm currently on another "no more buying things until payday" stint, I didn't actually get anything. But that's not the point, this visit served a far more important purpose - it's rekindled my love of New Look. Hello, old friend, how I've missed thee...
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Now I know there's some stuff going on here that we've all been seeing A LOT recently; leopard print, crop tops, Peter Pan collars (why are they called Peter Pan collars? Did he even have a collar? This is the boy who tried to stick his shadow back on with soap - I think it's safe to say that he'd have no idea how to fashion himself a collar...) but I think, if you're onto a good thing, why change it? I think my favourite item is the pink top (which is mad, because I don't even really wear pink), but I also love the slouchy black jumper and the leopard print satchel. So much good stuff!

One thing I have noticed is that the prices are a lot higher than I'm used to. Is it just me or does £21.99 seem a lot for a top from New Look? Normally I'd expect to pay about £15 maximum. Is this to do with the VAT increase? Or have New Look just upped their prices massively? What's happening here?!

Which items do you like? Do you think the prices have gone up or is it just me being stingy again? And what store shall I feature for my next "Je voudrais s'il vous plaît"? Tell me, s'il vous plaît.


  1. Completely agree with what you said about going off New Look for a while - when I first started uni it's where I spent most of my money, then last year it just kind of went downhill! I popped in there the other day though and actually saw quite a few things I liked, the peter pan (???) crop top for instance, and some lovely cardigans. But it's SO EXPENSIVE NOW. Even with my student discount it's still more than what I'd usually pay, so I'll stick to buying things in the sale...sigh...


  2. I have that peter pan leopard print dress, and featured it yesterday!
    know what you mean about new look. I recieved loads of vouchers for it and thought oh god, am i going to find anything- but i spent them all so quick, and still have a ton i want from there!

  3. Number 2 can be mine plz! I've bought 3 crop tops as a thin-spiration to get fit and ready for summer! xxx

  4. Really like this post! I really agree with your comment about New Look. Where I live we're about to have a huge one open in an old Woolies store (so you can imagine how big that'll be) but I'm not sure if I'm pleased or not! Then again...on the other hand I did just get a gorgeous aviator from there for £20 in the sale, but that was luck right?

    Really like your blog so I'm gonna follow :)


  5. Wow, so much leopard print! I don't know how I feel about it, haha. Yes, I think wish list posts are really fun! But I feel so sad if I never end up getting the items!

  6. I think this is a really cute idea for a title instead of the usual "Wish List" title (which I am guilty of using all the time hehe) I really love that blouse with the birds on it- it's adorable! And I also like the leopard print purse- I think it would go perfectly with the bird blouse.

    It's too bad that New Look has been going downhill!! I haven't been there in a long time because the only time I get to go is when I visit relatives in England, and I was always so impressed with the gorgeous clothes and the prices. What a shame! Hopefully it will get its groove back.

    *Claudia* x
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  7. I've seen that white blouse thing on their website but also thought it was a bit pricey. Especially as New Look stuff never seems to last as long as other brands that charge the same amount.


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