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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

There I was, all smug because everyone around me was getting ill, going on about how my daily Effervescent Vitamin C Tablets have made me completely invincible, when suddenly I started feeling a bit grotty...
I'm not even THAT ill; just a bit snuffly/sore throat-y but I HATE it. Whoever the sneezey bastard was who gave me this cold, know this, you're on my list you germ spreading little monster!

Anyway, that's enough of that. This is just a quick update really as I slipped off the radar last week. The mean reason behind that was this;

Remember how I said I'm in a glee club? Well the glee club is a part of What We Did Next; a Liverpool-based theatre company, and last week I was helping backstage during their production of Spring Awakening. What a fantastic show! It was so much fun to be doing something theatre-y again and to get to listen to lovely live musical theatre songs! If you've not heard of it, search for Spring Awakening on youtube, it's amazing. Lea Michele starred in it on Broadway!

In other news, Operation Foundation-Free February is going ok-ish. I'm not finding it quite as difficult as I expected to, although I am spending a lot more time on my concealer than I usually do. I did kind of cheat on Saturday night as I went out to celebrate the last night of SA and decided to put fake tan on my face. Does that make me a cheat? It was only a bit... mixed with moisturiser... I won't do it again... probably... :P

Two weeks ago I bought series 3 of The Mighty Boosh on DVD and I've been watching it a little bit obsessively ever since because it's mad and brilliant. I've watched all the episodes (there's only six in the series) plus all the special features and possibly one of my favourite things on the DVD is this music video for the Blue Song by Mint Royale;

Oh Noel, how I love thee, you are so attractive in an odd way. I was talking to my friend about people we fancy and by the end of the conversation, her general opinion of me was that I have seriously STRANGE taste in guys. I'd agree with this to an extent; I have been guilty of some weird crushes in the past, but come on, I'm not the only one out there who fancies Noel Fielding am I? AM I?!


  1. One of my friends (who is into girls) has said she would go straight for Noel Fielding so I guess you aren't the only one! I love his dress sense, it's epic! I've officially been without foundation for a week and my skin has got WORSE. Bah! I've bought a new concealer and I spend far more time on my skin routine than usual just to balance out the lack of foundation, it's not easy! xxx

  2. Ooo this looks very interesting! :) And I hope you feel better soon! I was like that - I used to get all kinds of things; any bug and it found be, but last year I was really lucky! Turns our karma bit me on the arse as I've had larangitus, tonsilitus, flu and severe migranes in the last month for no bloody reason! WE CAN MAKE IT THROUGH THIS ;) ahaha


  3. @Dani me too! I thought it'd take me less time getting ready in the morning, but if anything it's taking longer! x

    @Tazz Gault - you poor thing! I feel bad complaining about my snuffles now! Hope you feel better soon :)

  4. MTW did Spring Awakening same week as your group I think. It's very weird going back, but wow the music is brilliant isn't it! Definitely a teenage angsty musical, but the songs are in my head all the time. Definitely wanted to get back into the swing of things...won't happen for a while though :( xxx


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