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Monday, 21 February 2011

I've probably said it before, but one of the main things I love about blogging is the community aspect. While it's pretty much impossible to read every single amazing blog that exists at the moment (there must be thousands), with lots of bloggers now doing 'Follow Friday'-type posts, linking to their favourite blogs, I'm constantly discovering previously unexplored blogs. I also love clicking on new commentor's and subscriber's profiles to see if they also write a blog (which they usually do, because, like I said, there are THOUSANDS of the little buggers!) and it was this nosey endearingly inquisitive habit that led me to discover Dayner's blog, which in turn, led me to her adorable jewellery store, Mozzypop, thus giving me something to write about in this here blog post! It's the circle of blogging and it moves us all... (cue lots of elephants, giraffes and Elton John)

There's a real trend at the moment for quirky, unusual jewellery and online stores such as Etsy and Folksy make it that bit easier to seek out really unique items that nobody else will have. However, as with anything, with more and more people jumping on the handmade jewellery bandwagon, (which, to be fair, sounds like quite a fun bandwagon... what exactly IS a bandwagon?!) I find that a lot of the jewellery on sites like Folksy is starting to look a bit samey; perhaps a lot of sellers use the same suppliers for their materials, or they just realise that certain things are more likely to sell than others, whatever the reason, while there are still oodles of fabulous items on there, there's also quite a bit of rubbish.

Thankfully, Mozzypop is NOT rubbish at all, oh no; Dayner's designs are super cute and unique! I love that Dayner clearly has a bit of a sweet tooth, as some of her designs feature goodies such as donuts, ice cream and even a gingerbread man. I am completely sold, as I would go so far as to say that I don't just have a sweet tooth, I have a whole mouth full of sweet teeth, yes indeedy. A watch made of donuts? Don't mind if I do!

Rainbow Donut charm watch bracelet with Swarovski Elements - £17

Gingerbread Man charm necklace with gumdrop buttons - £8

Ghostie ring with Swarovski Elements - £6

Ice Cream bowl and wafers silver plated ring - £5

See? Cute! What's also really cool about Mozzypop is that, because Dayner makes the little charms herself, a lot of the jewellery is customisable, so for example, you could request different colour combinations for the Gingerbread Man's buttons or the donuts. Plus, it's all really reasonably priced and delivery in the UK is free! What's not to like? As it's Pay Day on Friday, I've already prepared a fairly massive wishlist in my head (I can't help it!), but that Ghostie ring may have just jumped to the top of it - he's so flippin' cute and sparkly!

Have you visited Mozzypop yet? Has anything caught your eye?


  1. thanks for the recommendation, can't wait to see what you buy!
    am definately going to check her out :)

  2. i'm in love with the gingerbread man and ghostie!
    Great recommendation, thanks.

  3. Awh I so appreciate this post, thank you so much!

    I was gonna follow your blog but I already am :)

    I know what you mean about Folksy tho, an awful lot of random bits of knitting on there that I can't imagine finding a use for! lol

    I hope I can do a similar mention for you soon :D

    Dayner @ Mozzypop x

  4. This is beyond cute! Going to check her out now! x

  5. i need the gingerbread man in my life! so cute

  6. There are so many things from her site that I want! TOTAL cuteness :) Really great prices aswell. Just been catching up on your posts/videos gal, I've missed ya! Had lots of bloggy reading to do xx

  7. this jewellery is so cute, I love the pac man ghost ring and the ice cream bowl =)


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