Violent Lips

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Special thanks to my gorgeous friend Lydia for bringing the subject of this post to my attention!

I may have said this before, but one of the things I love most about the beauty industry is that there's always some amazing new product to get excited about. Whether it's the latest 'it' nail polish from Chanel are another fabulous MAC collection, there's always a buzz surrounding something. While it may not be good news for our bank accounts that Estee Lauder have brought out a new 'miracle' foundation or skincare product, it certainly is fun to lust after such things.

One of the things I've noticed though, in the past couple of years, is that these new products are becoming more and more "out there". I suppose this is down, in large part, to celebs such as Katy Perry, Beyonce and Lady Gaga, whose theatrical/quirky/fabulous approaches to fashion and beauty constantly challenge the 'norm', while inspiring their fans to embrace the fun side of hair and makeup. With the huge increase in popularity of nail art, multi-coloured hair dye and even temporary tattoos, it's clear that we're in the middle of a beauty revolution! For once, it's not just about lash lengthening and skin perfecting, it's about having fun, being different and getting creative!

Jessie J's spikey lips in the Do It Like A Dude video, Katy Perry sporting Russell Brand nails and multi-coloured hair streaks and Beyonce's leopard print eyes and nails in the Kitty Cat video

The latest in a long line of fun new beauty products is Violent Lips; temporary lip tattoos that are available in designs such as polka dot, leopard print and stripes...

Violent Lips, from what I can gather, are pretty much exactly the same as traditional transfers. Using guidelines on the back of the design, you have to cut the transfer so that it matches the shape of your mouth and then hold a damp cloth against it so that it adheres to your lips. Cool eh?

They come in packs of three and retail at $14.95 per pack, although there are some currently on sale on the Violent Lips site for $9.99. The company ships internationally and some of the designs are also available in the UK at Harvey Nicholls for £12. I've read some reviews online and the general consensus is that they're tricky to apply - it's difficult to get them to line up perfectly with the corners of your mouth and you have to make sure that your lips are stretched when you're applying the transfer, as otherwise it'll crease. They also flake a bit, I guess in the same way a normal temporary tattoo would after it's been on for a while. However, most reviewers have also said they love how the tattoos look as they're so different to any other lip products that are currently available. What I like about Violent Lips is that there is such a huge range of designs, so you can go as subtle or as whacky as you like. They're perfect for a night out or a party, though I'm not sure I'd want to wear them for longer than a few hours, as I'd imagine a temporary tattoo on your lips would be quite drying. That being said, I definitely want to give them a go! I've got my eye on "The Coral Cheetah" in particular...

Violent Lips in The Coral Cheetah, The Rainbow and The Black and White Stripes

So what do you think? Will you be trying them out? And what other crazy beauty products would you like to see next?


  1. Obsessed with nail art! Wow this is an interesting idea... I'd give them a try :)

  2. They are mental! I can see how they'd be good for editorials and lookbooks though, and maybe even festivals?


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