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Thursday, 23 June 2011

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So I *may* have lifted a tiny corner of my makeup ban this weekend when I spotted the new Models Own/WAH Nails nail art pen in Boots. To be fair, the black nail pen I already had is broken, so I did need a new one - this was clearly a very necessary purchase.

The Models Own/WAH pen has been out for a good while now, however, they seem to have improved upon the original design as the one that I bought is a bit smaller than the first one they released. Like I said, I already had a black nail art pen (I bought a random 'Flags of the World' nail art kit on sale in Debenhams ages ago) but the Models Own one is definitely superior - the nib is so fine, perfect for drawing really tiny details. I tried it out on a few of my favourite designs and came up with this;

Colours used - Nail Polish by H&M in U Must Have This, Collection 2000 Hot Looks in BMX, Models Own in Pink Blush and Natural Collection Nail Tip Whitener. Black detail done with Models Own/WAH Nails nail art pen, pink and yellow details done with random nail art pens.

I love a bit of mix 'n' match goodness, though I wish some of the lines were a bit smoother - it's just so darn fiddly though. I'm right handed, so when it came to doing my right, my left hand was SO shakey! (which is why I've only shown the one pic - the other hand is shockingly bad in comparison...)

I used the images below as inspiration - they really do put me to shame though - how on Earth do they get everything so neat?!

What do you think? Have you got the nail art pen? Any tips for getting everything super neat? I need to know!


  1. Love them your nails look great :-) I also struggle for neatness especially on my right hand x

  2. Woww these are all amazing. I don't have a nail art pen (yet) so I have no idea how they do it, wish I knew though!
    Sirens and Bells xx

  3. Omg you just gave me total nail art envy!

  4. Oh wow you are so amazing girl. Totally love it !
    New follower. Hope you can follow back:

  5. Dude you did a great job of them! I have the models own pen so think later on I might attempt something pretty, even tho im hopeless! Hope you're well gal :) xx

  6. I NEED a nail art pen. These look gorgeous!

  7. faaabulous nails, love the tribal print but fear i am so messy, if i tried it would be teeerrible!xx

  8. Oh my gosh, these are outstanding. You are so talented! My new nail art hero.
    Heroine In Heels


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