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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Somehow, we seem to be over halfway through July and I've yet to do my monthly update post - bad Franki! Anyway, here it is, better late than never, right? RIGHT?!

I'm currently loving;

Festival funsies. You may have noticed that I've been holidaying a lot lately - Glamping in May, Lanzarote in June and I got back from Lisbon in Portugal last week. I'm really not the sort of person that normally goes on loads of holiday, it's just how things have worked out recently. Obviously, I'm not complaining though! Lisbon was fab - I went with Tash and a few guy friends and we spent the first couple of days checking out the city (and lounging by our hotel pool) and the rest of our time was spent at the AMAZING Optimus Alive Festival. We were actually a little bit concerned that when we got to Portugal, we'd discover that the festival didn't really exist because nobody had heard of it, fortunately though, it did exist in a massive way! I'm pretty much the worst person ever when it comes to music and bands (I'm a musical theatre girl through and through) so I'm probably not the obvious person to go to a massive music festival, but I had loads of fun and saw some amazing bands including Foo Fighters, Primal Scream, Bombay Bicycle Club and Fleet Foxes. I'm so up for going back next year - Glastonbury and the other British festivals look like fun, but a festival with guaranteed sunshine and no mud whatsoever is far more my cup of tea :)

Churros. Being the foody that I am, I had to make the most of all the different food stalls at the festival - most of it was pretty standard - burgers, pizzas, kebabs etc - but there was also a waffle and churros stand which sold the most amazing chocolate filled churros. I had one every day and I'm not even a little bit sorry.

My new vintage skirt. I bought this at a vintage fair in Liverpool just before we went to Lisbon and I think it's fabulous. The label inside it is BhS and it's in really good condition so I'm not sure just how 'vintage' it really is. Saying that though I'm definitely getting a very 90s vibe from the pattern, so it could be at least 11 years old - who can say for sure?

One Day. I've been meaning to read this for ages and when Tash offered to lend me it last week, I said yespleasethankyouverymuch. The basic premise is that Dexter and Emma meet on the day they graduate from uni and stay in touch, despite their lives going in very different directions. Each chapter in the book takes place on the same day (15th July) but a year later, so we basically see how their lives unfold over twenty years. I've been reading it for the past few days and sat down on Sunday night to read a few more chapters before bed but then got to a really good bit, couldn't put it down and stayed up until 1am to finish it. I'd definitely recommend it, though I must warn you, it's a bit of a weepy one. It's been made into a film starring Anne Hathaway and comes out next month, though I'm not sure I'll bother seeing it as, having just watched the trailer, it's really annoyed me how Anne Hathaway is doing a really bad generic British accent, even though her character is meant to be from Yorkshire. Hey producers! Crazy idea - why not just cast a British actress who can actually do the correct accent in the first place?!

This video. I've still not seen the final Harry Potter film as I'm planning to go with my sisters but Liv is away on holiday this week. Fortunately, this video has provided me with some much needed Potter brilliance. Wizarding kittens? Yes please!

I'm currently hating;

Not fulfilling my tanning potential. Ok, 'hate' is probably a strong word, I'm just a bit miffed really. After two holidays in lovely hot countries, I was expecting to spend the rest of the Summer looking like something from a St Tropez ad. Sadly, this is just not the case - I am tanned, just not as tanned as I could be. I think it may be because I've not actually been abroad for the past six years and my skin had just forgotten how to tan. It was like "what the HELL is this?!" - it got to a certain level of brownness and then refused to go any darker. It could also be that I should have used a lower SPF - I used SPF 20 both times, but I think I could have gotten away with 15 in Lisbon - maybe that's where I went wrong? Either way, while it's nice to have a bit of natural colour for a change, I'm feeling drawn to the bottle of St Moritz currently at the back of my cupboard...

Ok, normally now I'd link to some blogs I've been enjoying lately, but to be honest I've been mainly reading all my usual faves and not come across any new ones - if you have any suggestions of new or lesser known blogs that I should check out, please let me know! I'm planning to do a favourite blogs post at some point soon.

So that's this month's update over and done with - hope you're all well and enjoying graduations/holidays/other exciting things that tend to happen around this time of year. Peace out, eight town.


  1. Hey girl, thanks for the comment.
    OMG! Churros, I love these bad boys. I'm pretty jealous you got to eat one every day, I wouldn't feel guilty in the slightest either haha.
    I finished reading One Day about 2 months ago. I actually saw the trailer before I read it and I was a bit narked about the whole accent thing and also how much they gave away I'd heard so much about the book I had to give it a read before the film came out. The trailer really gives away most of the plot but wow I was not expecting that ending at all! I got terribly sunburt as I was sitting outside reading it and bawling my eyes out. I just had to finish it but man I was not okay for like weeks, I mean emotionally!


  2. chocolate filled churros! that sounds amazing!

  3. I'm so happy you enjoyed yourself in Lisbon! The line for the festival was amazing. Unfortunately i'm not in Portugal at the moment so I wasn't able to go. I will be going to Paredes de Coura festival which is also really good. I'll be moving back home in August so if you ever happen to go to Portugal again, give me a shout. I so miss eating churros!

  4. Oooh that festival sounds awesome, I would love to see Fleet Foxes! And you can't get much better than a festival without mud.
    I read One Day a while ago and really loved it, I reckon I'll be avoiding the film too, as soon as I heard Anne Hathaway was in it I was annoyed that they hadn't used a British actress (I reckon Carey Mulligan would be great), let alone the fact she doesn't have a Yorkshire accent in it! Grr.

  5. One Day was such an incredible and thought provoking book - I think I'm going to make myself sit down and read it at least once a year...

  6. Mmm churros...
    I love your skirt! And the book sounds amazing, I'm going to have to check that out <3

  7. Churros sound amazing, never had one! I am on waiting list at library to get One Day, been wanting to read it for ages! PS - Found you via Ceriselle's blogger map :) x

  8. Absolutely loving this post haha. Cats for the WIN x


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