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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Eeeep! I feel like my blog's taken a bit of a back seat in the past few weeks and I really wish this wasn't the case! I've always said that one super power I'd love more than any other is the ability to stop time and this applies now more than ever as I'm ridiculously busy. If anyone knows where I can get myself a Bernard's Watch or even a Time-Turner, please let me know!

Anyway, I felt like getting a bit creative on Thursday night when I had a rare couple of hours to myself so I decided to jazz up my nails. I'm not sure whether you can tell, but the blue nails you can see in the photos are actually falsies. I never, ever wear false nails but as these ones are so short, I thought I'd give them a bash (they were actually given to me free along with some Eylure lashes at an event in New Look a couple of months back). They're Elegant Touch Limited Edition Matte Nails in Mint Green (although I really think they're more blue than green...)

Once I'd stuck the false nails on, I realised they looked a bit too plain on their own so I rooted out all of the decorative bits and pieces I bought on eBay ages ago and got a bit carried away with the nail glue. I'm sure I've mentioned her before but Selina from The Flying Saucer always has amazingly decorated 'kawaii'-style nails and these were very much inspired by her.

I wish I'd had the good sense to decorate the false nails before I stuck them on, as it all got quite fiddly (and gluey) and using your left hand to pick up tiny gems with tweezers is really bloody tricky! Gem Fatale had a really good Tuesday Tip a couple of weeks ago that suggested using a cotton bud with some sellotape around the end to hold a false nail in place while decorating/painting it and if I were going to do this again, I'd definitely use that method. Got there in the end though and I'm really pleased with how they turned out, plus I've had loads of compliments on them, which is always nice :)

The one thing I would say though is that they snag on everything! Every time I try to do my hair, one of the bows will catch in it and so paranoid that they're going to pop off! Selina, how on earth do you cope?!

[Elegant Touch Limited Edition Matte Nails in Mint Green, Glitter - Models Own Juicy Jules, bows, gems and flowers all available from this eBay seller]


  1. Looks so pretty, and the nails look real. I can imagine you'd get them caught everywhere.

  2. I would never have thought they were false nails, they look great, what a brilliant advert. Also really liked that you linked to the ebay seller, I need some of those bows in my life!!

  3. Holy crap, literally the best nails I have ever seen! Come and do mines please? :) So bloody cute xx

  4. So cute! I have never worn false nails. I'd be tempted to give it ago though! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Following you on bloglovin x

  5. your comment made me smile :) thank you! and i love your blog, def following you. and these nails are super kawaii x

  6. Wow wee those are AMAZING nails! x x

  7. wow, this is amazing, love those cute bows, do they snag on clothing easily? x


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