ANTM - Cycle 11

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Having been away from regular Internet for a while, I've just spent the past week or so snuggled up in bed catching up on all of the new episodes of America's Next Top Model. It's taken me a while to warm to this season as I was still VERY hung up on season 10 and the appalling-ness that was firstly BEE-YUTIFUL Katarzyna not getting further than she did and then (mean) Whitney winning over Anya. (seriously, WTF?!) Don't get me started, I'll go mental. It also didn't help that season 11 began with a bizarre, space-age boot camp which was basically just another excuse for Tyra to have a weird, OTT grand entrance. I wish the girls wouldn't all scream when they see her, it's only going to inflate her ego even more. Why do you think her forehead's so big?!
However, once I got over the initial horror I started to get into it and I have to admit that this week's super-glamourous 'Fiercee Awards' shoot was FABULOUS. I'm a sucker for old-school glamour; Elina's makeup and Lauren Brie's hair nearly made me break down and weep for Veronica Lake-inspired joy in my pyjamas. Marjorie's photo was chosen as the best one and who can blame the judges? She is so frikkin cute I could eat her (I won't though...yet) Have to say though that I have a ma-hoo-sive girl crush on Analeigh, she's SO PRETTY! I'm not going to say who I want to win because I have a track record of always favouriting the girl who ends up coming second or third (case in point - Mercedes cycle 2, Yaya cycle 3, Nik cycle 5, Jenah cycle 9) and I want my girl to win. So it's a secret.

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