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Monday, 13 October 2008

It's Monday again. Whoop. Can't you just taste my enthusiasm? Bleeeuuurgh.

Last night I watched Sex and the City: The Movie again. It really is the most deliciously good film for fashion binging. If you're in the mood for gawping or doing that Homer Simpson drooly thing (aaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh), I'd definitely recommend it. While I'd find it difficult to choose just one item that I LOVE more than everything else in the film, I can say that the Dolce and Gabbana puffball dress that Carrie wears at Fashion Week is sickeningly stunning. (you gotta love a good puffball...)

After having a little rest from the eye-gasm it gave me, I felt like having a bit of a browse on all the fancy websites I could only ever dream of buying clothes from. I came across this pink funnel neck Matthew Williamson dress at net-a-porter.com (which is basically the best website there ever was ever) and decided to style it on polyvore. I've come up with two contrasting looks and this has inspired me to introduce a new feature - "The same but different" - every week I'm going to find an item online and then style it in two very different ways. So here's my first one, click on the images to go to my polyvore pages for item details. The dress is $1,500...imagine...

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