Product Review - Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

A few weeks ago I had to buy a new eyeliner as I accidentally left my old faithful Collection 2000 one at my friend Holly's house in London and I wasn't sure when I'd be seeing her next to pick it up. Being an avid fan of sexy 40s-style eyeliner flicks, I knew I couldn't go without them for very long and, since I had some vouchers for John Lewis, I figured I'd be fancy and buy an expensive new one.
I originally went to the Benefit counter but was told, to my amazement, that Benefit don't actually stock a liquid eyeliner, they only do that gel stuff which you apply from a little pot with a brush which comes seperately. Now I'm sure it's a wonderful product but I just couldn't really see the point of buying two seperate items when one would do me just fine. So I went to the Guerlain counter where I was helped by a very friendly lady who showed me the 'Divinora' eyeliner.
The thing with Guerlain makeup is that it just looks SO PRETTY and classy and gorgeous. I use their Terracotta Bronzer religiously and that comes in a dreadfully chic shiny brown compact with kind of engraved stuff on the front. So when the lady showed me the beautious eyeliner in its little glass pot with a luxurious gold handle, I was pretty much sold. (yeah, I'm all about the looks, though fortunately, I've learned never to judge a book by its cover...I judge by how attractive the photo of the author is...) It cost about £17 and I went away a happy bunny, excited to try it out.
Now don't get me wrong, it's a good eyeliner; the colour is a rich, velvety black and the formula itself is quick drying and very long lasting - no crumbling or wearing off as the day goes on. But the brush is so bloody flimsy! It's very long and fine which means you literally have to have the steadiest hand EVER. Now I've been wearing liquid eyeliner for a good few years so I'd safely say I've got the knack for applying it but even I have trouble getting a good, clean, smooth line with this. With the (much cheaper) Collection 2000 one, the brush was short and firm, a bit like a felt tip, so all you needed was one quick stroke across the eyelid and you were done, but with the Guerlain one you have to take time over it and flicks are so difficult to do because of how thin the brush is!
So I'd definitely say that although this product is good, it's only really for those people who are amazing at Operation and those buzzer games you get at the fairground...

Oh, and I saw Holly last week anyway so I got my old eyeliner back, it was an emotional reunion!

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