Just say NO! The Saturdays at the High School Musical 3 premiere

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

I'm so out of the loop it's depressing. Who are the Saturdays? Why are they dressed in Toffo wrappers?! Remember Toffos? What happened to them?!?!

I just Googled the girls and came upon their official website, it turns out I have actually heard their new song "Up" but I've got absolutely no recollection of when or where (which frightens me a little bit...what if they're getting into my dreams?). They seem to be sticking to a very safe clothing pattern here - in the picture above they're all wearing different coloured dresses with opaque black tights and in their new video they're all wearing black dresses with different coloured opaque tights...see what they did there? At least they wore tights - it was VERY cold last night.

I'd hate to be in a girl group; all that matchy matchy dressing would depress me...that and the fact that you're probably on some level always aware that sooner or later a newer, younger, shinier girl group are just going to swoop in like perma-tanned Batmen and take the limelight away from you (probably wearing some even sillier plastic fantastic outfits than you) and nobody will even notice.

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