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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

For a while now I've been intrigued by the Lady Gaga "bow-bun". To be fair, the first person I saw wearing it was actually Paris Hilton, but Lady Gaga has kind of made it her own. Since I'm a little obsessed with bows, the idea of literally making your hair into one just seems too wonderful not to try. I found this video on youtube which shows exactly how to do it - the girl makes it look so easy, although it probably helps that she's got incredibly thick, straight hair.

I decided to try it out and although it is do-able, it's pretty tricky and if you're an impatient person like me, you might end up tearing your hair out in the process. Make sure you've got lots of grips to hand, and some hairspray. The more hair you have, the better, because it's all about making the 'bow' parts really fluffed out so that they stand alone.

My attempt - not bad but it's nowhere near as good as the girl in the video's. This was my second attempt and by this point my arms were hurting so I gave up after taking this photo.

I'll definitely try it again when I've got more time and maybe someone to help me.

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  1. I am ridiculously impressed with this attempt! You are a GENIUS! This blog has cheered me up on an otherwise boring Sunday evening, thanks sweety, and happy bowing in the future! xxxx


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