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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

So, while browsing through some of the entries on Foto Decadent (which is amazing and I don't know how I've only just come across it), I found these lovelies;

Tiiu Kuik

Tiiu Kuik2

They reminded me of a much better version of these;



America's Next Top Model - Carmen Miranda Shoot

The more I look at the Top Model photos, the more I just think "meh". The only thing I like is Allison's face, and that's because I always like her and her giant eyes. I don't know, is it just because the Camilla Åkrans photos are SO gorgeous, that these pale in comparison? It just feels like there's something not quite right about them, I don't really get what they're going for. Actually, I don't think anyone really knew what they were trying to achieve on this shoot because Jay Manuel kept giving them all conflicting instructions, so bloody frustrating! Seriously though, I keep looking at that photo of Celia and thinking "who the hell styled her?!"

And don't even get me started on the Ciara shoot - a crazed fan wearing underwear, tangled in her mic wire?! What the crap was that?

Also, we're on Cycle 12 now and I think they were auditioning Cycle 13 recently - how many more "America's Next Top Models" do they need to find? It must be a bit of an anti-climax for the winner -

"Woohoo! You're America's next TOP model! You'll be huge! You'll be on the cover of Seventeen magazine! Just like the Jonas Brothers! You'll be the face of Covergirl! Oooh mascara! Hurray!

...Right, well that was fun, congratulations... ummm...cycle 12 girl, we're off to go and find America's NEXT next top model - ok bye!"

Anyway, I'd love to know people's thoughts on this - is it just me or are the Top Model shoots going downhill? Actually is Top Model generally just going downhill? Is anyone else sick of Nigel Barker being so snooty? And is anyone else frightened that Tyra's hair is getting so big that it's only a matter of time before a goodbye hug results in one of the girls suffocating in her weave?


  1. Yeah i have to agree the standard is slipping, and the judges are getting gradually more anf more hideous- Nigel in particular.
    However, isn't the madness of the judges and the ever increasingly beyond belief of Tyra really the reason we watch it? who really, really cares whether they go on to have long fulfilling careers? I watch it in order to see tyra literally implode with the effort of constantly trying to be the centre of attention onscreen. IN some ways, the madder and more stupid it gets, the more i get addicted.

    Its a terrible world, but its all we got.

  2. by the way the below is tash. but the sign in thing is being a bastard

  3. Woah Franki that was FIERCE :-)

    but yeh basically like tash said.... all these talent spotting shows be it britains got talent, idol or ntm arent there to spot great hidden gems anymore they are there as personality vehicles. It is so people can get there weekly dose of the likes of tyra and jay and further their illusions about the glamour of all these industries.

    right now back to macroeconomics.......


  4. I totaly agree that the first pictures are a way better version of the ones below. ANTM takes good fashion and spits on it.. its sad

  5. love carmen miranda idea, love the new carmen miranda, looks great


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