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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Yesterday I had a little look-see at the Chanel Spring 2010 Couture collection, which is an interesting one for Karl Lagerfeld, who is quoted as saying "It's the first time in my whole career I've done a collection without black or navy. There's not one gold button."

Hang on, hang on; not ONE gold button?! The man's clearly a psychopath!

Don't worry, he's onto something, I promise.

Indeed, the collection, which consisted of the usual tailored shorts suits and classic, yet decadent eveningwear, was given an edgy twist with a combination of delicate pastels and punchy silver accessories.


I think there might be a little bit of self-referencing going on there with the shirt collar and tie, eh Karl?

Loving the mille-feuille, loving the little fingerless gloves, loving the sparkly, sparkly tights. It's a bit space-age, even a bit futuristic (only, don't tell Karl I said that, because apparently, when someone backstage at the show suggested it was futuristic, he snapped "I hate that". And then killed them. Probably).

However, if I had to say what my favourite thing was from this show, it'd have to be... the HAIR!!! Oh my goodness will you just look at it???

I think Magdalena Frackowiak has become one of my favourite models. Her face is exquisite.

Oh, wait, that one's not from the Chanel show, that's Gary Oldman as Dracula. Clearly, vampires are always one step ahead in the fashion stakes...

(hahaha I didn't even notice that pun at first!)

Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Just gorgeous! Also, I know I'm a bit late blogging about this because I've been reading about it for months, but pastel coloured/streaked hair is EVERYWHERE at the moment! I'll do a big post about this later in the week because I have lots of pictures to share, but I'm seriously thinking about buying some kind of coloured hair gel or spray or clip in coloured extensions or something, because the very pale blue in Isabeli Fontana's dark hair (first hair picture) looks fabulous! Obviously I couldn't actually dye my hair because I'd have to bleach it first and I'd clearly destroy it and curly hair is dry enough without adding bleach to the equation...

One final thing, not related to the Chanel show. I've just been online, reading an awful lot of comments and articles about this photo;

So here's the situation; Tavi Gevinson is a 13 year old girl who writes a fashion blog called Style Rookie. She started writing when she was 11 and her blog has been a huge (I mean HUGE) success - people love her, she gets sent all kind of free stuff from designers, she's been featured in magazines, she was even on the cover of Pop, and now, from what I can gather, she also occasionally writes for Pop. Anyway, her knowledge of fashion is incredible, she's clearly very passionate about it (read some of her blog and you'll see straight away) and she expresses this through her crazy way of dressing, which, whether you love it or hate, is completely unique (and I think, very brave, considering she's only 13 and has to deal with constant stupid remarks from kids at her school ). Anyway, this image, from the Dior Couture show, was Tweeted by a reporter for Grazia who was "Not best pleased to be watching couture through 13 year old Tavi's hat". Now, I have to say, common decency and sense do dictate that if you're going to any kind of seated event, fashion show, play, press conference etc, it's probably best not to wear a large hat as you'll be obscuring the views of the people behind you. However, Tavi is under 5 foot tall, so even with the hat, she's probably not much taller than an average person. Also, the hat is hardly a hat, more like an oversized piece of ribbon (let's be honest, in the image above, it's probably obscuring about 8 per cent of the gown). And it was given to her by Dior atelier, Stephen Jones. Of course she's going to wear it to the Dior show - she's a 13 year old kid! Hell, if I was going to the Dior couture show and was then given a piece of Dior couture, I'd definitely wear it and I'd attach a big neon sign to it saying "hey, have you noticed my hat? it's Dior frikkin' couture!"

Also, if the Grazia reporter had such a problem with the hat, she could have asked Tavi to take it off, instead of passive-aggressively Tweeting about it. I can only wonder whether she was more miffed about being seated behind Tavi's hat, or behind Tavi herself, a 13 year old blogger...

The thing is, regardless of whether or not she should have worn the hat, the thing that really got me about this whole incident is how many hateful, nasty comments have since been made about Tavi. The mix of comments included outraged statements about how she should have been in school at the time/she's growing up too fast/she knows nothing about fashion in the first place/a 13 year old has no right to be at a Dior Couture show/her parents have a lot to answer for etc etc moan moan moan blah blah blah. Regardless of what you may think about her, Tavi is a child and a lot of the people who made those comments (some of the worst ones were here) should hang their heads in shame as they are clearly adults. While it may seem a little precocious for a 13 year old to be attending a Paris Couture show, is it any worse than people like Dakota Fanning and Abigail Breslin and all the other zillions of child stars out there, who have pretty much grown up in the spotlight, surrounded by adults, learning God knows what on film sets and generally living a very different life to that of other children their age? From what I can gather from her blog, Tavi seems like a very intelligent, if a little eccentric, down to earth kid, who goes to school and watches cartoons and acts silly, just like other kids her age. She just happens to have an obsession with fashion that has led to a lot of doors being opened to her at a very young age. And quite, frankly, if she's causing such a stir in the fashion world at 13, think what she could do when she's actually old enough to cause some real damage. Tavi, you have the little curly girl's backing all the way! I salute you!

...although, she did meet James Franco at a party which means I have to hate her a little bit...

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