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Saturday, 21 February 2009

So New York Fashion Week has been happening, which means I've been loitering around style.com far more than I would usually allow. Hopefully I'll be able to gather my thoughts enough to write something a bit more substantial about the whole shebang, but at the moment I'm in such a state of joy and sheer, awe-inspired wonder that all I can really say is - "Oh but the pretty things! THE PRETTY THINGS!!!"

Mr and Mrs Posen, I know it's not normally 'done', but I would like to ask for your son Zac's hand in marriage please. By way of a dowry I request nothing but a pair of those bejewelled tights. Good.

For now, I must leave you with this picture of Sasha Pivovarova from the Anna Sui show,

a) Because Sasha Pivovarova's name is both silly and cool
b) Because Sasha Pivovarova is beautiful
c) Because Sasha Pivovarova looks like Cameron Diaz's rebellious (and kind of filthy) younger sister
and d) Because that's a good hat

image from style.com

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