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Friday, 27 February 2009

les pointes
This is from a postcard that's currently on the wall in my bedroom. It's called Les Pointes and is by Isabel Munoz. I've been obsessed with it for ages; it's such a simple, beautiful image and I love how freakishly pointy the ballerina's feet are. In addition, it contributes in a small way to my demented obsession with tulle (like a nicotine patch...). What I really like about it though is that I can't work out which way up it's meant to be, and apparently nobody else can either; when I looked it up on Google, various websites were selling copies of it but some had it this way, as if it's a ballerina standing on her tippy tippy tip toes, while others had it upside down, as if she's just chilling out in a lovely, tulle-y way.

Whichever way round you look at it, it's magical :)
les pointes

See? Magical.

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