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Thursday, 4 June 2009

So I logged onto style.com yesterday to find the Resort 2010 page literally bursting with new collections for me to ogle. Last week there was three shows listed. This week there is maybe twenty. This suggests that this week may be the official week for Resort 2010 collections and that those other three shows were just being cheeky little early birds. I have no idea if this is really the case; is there an official fashion week for the Resort shows? I could probably quite easily find out if I just Googled it, but, well, I'm not going to.

As I said, there are a lot of new shows to talk about. But sadly I just don't have the time to go into detail about them all (the New York Fashion Week post I wrote back in February very nearly killed me, so I vowed not to do anything like that again. I made a vow. That's serious) So I'm going to feature two today and then maybe, if you're all good little puppies, I'll post some more later in the week.

First up - Donna Karan, whose collection, entitled "Manhattan Tango", was full of floaty feminine pieces in black, white and neutrals, with the occasional juicy pinks and reds thrown in for a laugh. As you may know, I love me a designer who knows how to drape, and in this collection, Karan showed herself to be a woman after my own heart by doing complex things with fabric but still keeping the pieces wearable and elegant. For me, (as it quite often is) it was all about the dresses, the favourite being the black one, third picture down.

Anyone else think there's a bit of an oriental theme here? The round shouldered jacket above and the billowing tunics below remind me of kimonos...

LOVE that black dress!!!

Oscar de la Renta continued on from the super glamourous looks of his Fall collection but added a distinctly Parisian twist, with berets a plenty and sweet little black dresses. (is anyone starting to get the feeling that I'm obsessed with LBDs?!) He also went all out with embellishment, with dresses trimmed in an assortment of ruffles, lace, silks and sparkles. Delightful.

When I first saw the third dress in the picture above, I whimpered a little bit - SO PRETTY!!!

And of course no de la Renta collection would be complete without a few fancy schmancy gowns - Cecilia Mendez (the dark haired one) looks stunning.

This is all getting a bit too much, just went back to style.com and more collections have been added!!! I will return with another load of pictures very soon.

(all images from style.com, obviously)

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