Resort 2010 - Laid back and slouchy

Thursday, 11 June 2009

All this Resort-ness is killing me; I still have loads of pictures to talk about plus I just looked at the Isaac Mizrahi collection and fell a little bit in love, so might have to mention that too...* work is never done*. Seriously though, the more of this stuff I write, the more I realise how much I bloomin' well love fashion!

I thought I'd focus today on some of the most casual and wearable looks I've seen, starting with ADAM.

What I like about this label is that it's easy. No mess, no fuss, just striking pieces that are interesting and wearable. As much as I love seeing crazy concoctions of colours and shapes and patterns, it's sometimes nice to see something thrown into the mix that is just a bit more chilled out. Despite this relaxed feel, I still think there's something edgy and different about Adam Lippes' designs and the overall styling of this collection.

Love the idea of throwing a slouchy sweater over a maxi dress.

Alexander Wang also went for cool and casual with his collection, featuring lots of wardrobe staples such as jeans, white t-shirts and little sporty jackets. Seemingly basic pieces in light denim, soft grey and stark white were given the edge with the addition of clever of details such as cut-out shoulders and interesting draping. The word that's been constantly thrown around in reviews is "effortless"; these are the sort of pieces that are modern and stylish, but still give off that "I really didn't try AT ALL when I got dressed today" feel.

There's something incredibly sexy about the thrown-together, tomboyish look of Rag & Bone's Resort collection. With a pallet of dark and smokey shades of grey and navy, the collection had a rock chick, urban feel, although some of the pieces erred more on the preppy side with over sized denim shirts and little blazers featuring throughout. This collection has been accused of being a bit too 'safe' but while it's hardly 'high fashion' I wouldn't go so far as to say it was 'safe'. Like with Alexander Wang, I think the designers were definitely going for something more relaxed, but there's still plenty going on here to warrant some interest; for example the skin tight leggings with a twisted seam and those low crotch long john type things that are really only for the very thin (I don't think they'd be too forgiving on those of us who are more generously proportioned in the derriere area...) There's also some cool style choices happening here too, with footless tights worn underneath cropped trousers (the YSL Resort collection has done something similar) and those big, wide pashmina-style scarves tied round the head like bandanas.

Is that literally just a massive grey blanket with a handle? Is that what we're carrying instead of handbags now? Where will my purse go?

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