I HEART Natalia

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

I just saw a cat in my garden and was tempted to invite it in for tea, but my mum made me shoo it away instead. Sad times...

Anyway, I've been waiting for the Marchesa collection to be posted on Style.com and now that it has been, I'm not sure how much of it I really like anyway... hmmm....

I've had my fill of Resort 2010 for the moment; will probably do one final post later this week.
For now though, let's just look at some photos of Natalia Vodianova because I love her.

Did you ever see such a face?!


  1. Reading your blog is like putting my hair into your hair and breathing in deeply. It makes me happy.

  2. hahaha i meant to say 'face into your hair' but maybe i do mean hair on hair copulation.

  3. she is a beauty that is for sure! mesmerizing!


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