Resort 2010 - Colours and patterns and prints, oh my!

Friday, 5 June 2009

Onto my fourth post about Resort 2010 and there is still more to come! I admit, I did go a bit mental when it came to saving pictures, but there was just so many wonderful things!

Now I hold my hands up, I quite often err on the safe side when experimenting with my own clothing. As much as I can admire crazy combinations of colour and print, it's unlikely that I'll be emulating such styles any time soon, as I just don't think I can pull them off. This in mind, I'm sure you can understand why my reaction to the Prada show was somewhat mixed. I can accept the subtle combinations of soft camel baige blocked with pastels. I can even go so far as to accept that sometimes, when you're on the beach, you might just get the urge to throw a preppy tank top over your bikini and just be done with it. But THAT many patterns and colours in one outfit?! Surely, surely that's just madness?! I thought outfits like that were only worn by old women who had paid their dues to the world of conservative fashion and just didn't give a damn anymore and, well, mad people. That being said, it was kind of a case of something being so wrong it was right and while I may not be seen sporting an outfit that basically screams, "hey look at me, I'm mad!", I'm sure there will be many folks, much cooler than I, who will wear a Prada-inspired, clashing outfit with style and joy.

I do like the 70s hair though. And the pretty, pretty shoes.

Kids, don't try this at home.

Now let's talk about Miuccia Prada's other brand; Miu Miu, which had a cool, sporty feel to it. Keeping the silhouette simple and casual, the collection consisted of halter tops, flouncy skirts and long, printed chiffon dresses. The pallet was mainly a selection of pale nudes and while, like Prada, the prints were mixed, the print itself (an interesting, oriental-style floral) was kept constant with only subtle changes made to the colours, making the collection as a whole, much more wearable (at least to me and my non-madness).

And look! Boxing boots!

And finally, Zac Posen. Oh Zac, my offer of marriage is still standing...

Now I've read quite a lot of criticism of this collection, firstly because it's not very "Resort", and secondly because some of the pieces were a bit random and, well, horrible. Case in point;

Well it really is horrible isn't it?

But you see, I love Zac, and I have come to the decision that he must have put a few stinkers in there as a joke, in the hope that some ridiculously stupid rich woman might actually buy them and wear them and then, then my friends, Zac and I will laugh heartily.

Disgusting polka dotted legging and cardigan combinations aside, what I really liked about this collection was the use of colour. While I'm not condoning the wearing of those two prints together in the first photo below, when separated, both prints are lovely. I love the combination of the very rich blue with that zingy green in the third shot, just LOVE it. And of course, Zac's a bit of a showman really, so he had to put a few wonderful dresses in too. While that pink dress is really VERY pink, I think that, as long as the rest of the styling was kept very subtle, it would make a lovely red carpet number. And the black dress with one slashed sleeve? Just perfect.

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