Monday, 7 June 2010

Cosmopolitan has been my monthly mag of choice for a long time. Sometimes I mix things up a bit and go for Glamour or Elle instead, but most of the time I go for Cosmo. I think, in large part, this is down to the fact that Elle Woods wins her case in Legally Blonde because she knows that Chutney couldn't have gotten in the shower right after getting a perm, which she learnt from reading Cosmo. God, I love that bit - shame on you Chutney! Any magazine that helps you to win a murder case is pretty darn special if you ask me! (yes I know it's fictional, but that is NEVER the point.)
While their editorials are nowhere near as fancy as Vogue's, one of the things that does always stand out to me in Cosmo's fashion stories is that the models always have amazing hair. Seriously, they must use an agency that only ever represents models with excellent hair. Either that or Cosmo has a frighteningly large selection of brilliant wigs, in which case, please point me in the direction of the wigs cupboard please.

Not only is the hair always beautiful, it is also, very often curly! HURRAH! There are not enough curly-haired girls pictured in fashion magazines, so this makes me happy. So happy in fact, I've been saving up said pictures for one big curly-haired post.

Yeah, I went a bit mad with the scanner again...

If my hair was this curly and bouncy, I would happily wear it that short - so so so gorgeous. From the November 2009 issue, fashion story called "COATS" (about coats - crazy right?)

You hardly ever see blonde girls with natural curls, and blonde hair looks beautiful curly. Love the eye makeup on this girl too. From March 2010 issue, hair story called "Battle of the Textures."

I know these aren't 'natural' curls, but still, lovely hair. And I WANT that Antoni and Alison bag. From June 2010 issue, editorial called "Let's Get Happy".

Love everything about this editorial - setting, clothes, makeup, hair (obv). It's from November 2009 and is called "Sweater Girl" (Cosmo aren't particularly creative with their titles, are they?) Also, how insanely beautiful is this model? If I could, I would steal her face.

I'll be honest, I've got several more curly hair photos but I think that's enough for now. I'm tempted to start a tumblr solely to post photos of curls. Would that be mad?

Anyone else seen any good curly hairstyles of late?


  1. Y'knowwwwwww, the model (especially the shot in the sheer grey dress) look just like you.

    I had to put that out there.


  2. I love curl hair,too!!
    Usually I'm straight long hair,
    I often try to curl hair by curl iron.
    Please check out my hair arrangement on my blog<3


  3. @Platform Princess
    HA! I think those two falls may have left you a bit concussed! Thank you for saying that, but really though, apart from the fact we've both got dark curly hair, I don't think there's much similarity :) Though I would love there to be...


  4. @sayablack

    I'll be sure to check out your blog. You're lucky to have lovely long straight hair - I always wanted straight hair when I was younger, it's so much easier to style!


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