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Thursday, 3 June 2010

I don't even normally bother with Miss Selfridge but I realised I'd not been into the new store since it opened in Liverpool (in the basement of Topshop, FYI) so I went to have a little snoop on Monday and found these babies;

Pink, polka dots and peep-toe? Too cute! And they're only £40!

Couldn't decide whether to buy them or not as I'm looking for a pair of shoes AND a dress at the moment and I figured if I buy these, it's going to limit what sort of dress I can buy (what do you think - should you plan an outfit around your shoes?). Then again, when they're only £40 I might just buy them anyway...

Took a little trip to missselfridge.com to have another look at them and came across these;

Polka dot, platform and lovely over-sized bow!? And also only £40! Now I'm really in a pickle...

Help please, which do you prefer? Should I buy both?!


  1. The polka dots one!! They are amazing! x

  2. The polka dot pair is pretty sweeeeeeet!



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